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Welcome to PowerRangersNetwork.Com, an unofficial Power Rangers website filled with news and media. All news presented here are credited/sourced if obtained else where. Enjoy your stay!

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Major Annoucement
I am pleased to announce that PRN is officially reopening. After a few starts and stops it is reopening full time. PRN will now be a sister site to Power Rangers Online and will be part of its network. PRN will provide content that PRO does not plus more. Expect new sections and updates soon.

PRN will also be affilated with the PRO Message Board. PRO's image gallery and sister website, Ranger Gallery; will be a fourth part of what is to be a powerful website synergy.

Power Rangers Network opened in the early 2000s.It quickly grew into a graphic enriched site. And became one of the top searched Power Rangers websites. The website was founded by PRN Ranger. Early PRN was known for its episode downloads.

Over time its message board grew to the second in the Power Rangers fandom. The forum remained for several years. And was run by several adminstrators. Micheal was one of the main ones for a time. He let and went on to be the second webmaster of PRO. Marzeo ended up in control.

PRN Ranger had already stopped updating PRN by this point. He did attempt to rebuild the website in 2005 but this attempt went nowhere. Due to server issues Marzeo moved the board to a new domain and renamed it Ranger Power. After a few years that board died off.

The PRN website ended up shut down. Micheal bought domain from PRN Ranger and parked it on his own forum. A few years later he sold the domain to me. There were a few attempts to try a restart but they were always aborted due to my work on my own website.

Power Rangers Online started out as the Power Rangers Online Universe.The website was founded by Chronoranger in the late 90s. PRO capitalized on yahoo groups to create a club. By 2000 PROU moved to its own domain and became Power Rangers Online. The site was.known for its good graphics. Pro also provided news and information..The site had websites internal to it based on various seasons of the show.

PRO grew a successful forum on Coolboard. The board was eventually moved to ezboard. For a time PRO was one of the more popular boards. Chronoranger planned on revamping PRO website in 2003 but the full revamp stalled. Chrono disapeared from the board aside from a few.brief appearances. The board continued for a but but eventually lost all of its active members.

I found the board was still around and.began a campaign to bring it back. I started website called Power Rangers Online Database to promote the forum. I build my own dstabase ofinformation of the PRU. With Chrono's permission I rebranded the site into PRO. The forum was eventually moved to invisionfree and then upgraded to VBulletin. The new PRO grew into one of the most search PR fan websites on the web. It also grew into a content rich site. Eventually I waseven ableto aquire the original PRO domain.

Ranger Gallery is a picture gallery site Mike. When he a1uired PRC, he made it a sister site. The site was a major image hub forthe fandom. But database and server issues caused Mike to lose interest and sell to me. After a rocky start the gallery was finally stabilized and continues to exist today.

Trey98607 - for providing us with the "Tommy" and "Jason" biographies from Mighty Morphin-Wild Force.
Mishimoto - for work on sound clips.
Sean Chan - vbulletin.
What is Power Rangers Network? We're just a fan site created to help PR fans with info, news, and media on their quest to search for PR Content. We do not own the Power Rangers nor affiliated with them.