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Full Version: Godzilla King of The Monsters
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Short story: I liked it, it was cool to see all the monster. I even actually liked the human plot with the device that can talk to monsters.

Long story: I thought Scylla, and Methuselah were cool but part of me wondered why they weren't just Kumonga, and Anguirus .

I did like Behemoth because I don't think there are many mammal monsters besides King Kong, and King Caesar.

I thought the part where Ghidorah regrew his head was kind of freaky because it made him look Cthulhu esque while it was regrowing.

I got a chuckle out of hearing the cussing because I still remember when I thought Godzilla 2000 had the most cussing in a Godzilla movie.

I liked the scene with the ancient civilization that worshipped Godzilla because I always want to see something like that in a Godzilla movies

I'm hoping either Godzilla vs Kong or if they're still making them afterwards some other Legendary movie will bring in other alien monsters like Gigan.

or maybe we'll get Destroyer but instead of being a bunch of prehistoric plankton all merged together it could be some Nucler Man/Frankenstein esque Godzilla/Ghidorah hybrid created from stray cells mutating together from when Godzilla, and Ghidorah were hit by the Oxygetn Destroyer.