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Power Rangers Morphinverse Concepts
So I made an updated list of what I would call my fan made Power Rangers versions of pre-Zyu Man era Super Sentai shows.

GoRanger-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (since in my Morphinverse stories MMPR is called Power Rangers Dino: 20 million years ago the first Ranger team composed of Zordon, and his allies from various planets protect the universe from his evil brother Zoltar/Dark Spector.

JAKQ-Power Rangers Royal Flush: A government agency recruits various people from various backgrounds to wear special suits to battle the evil Machine Empire. Commander Mitchell is Spade Ace.

Battle Fever J-Power Rangers World Strike: A sequel to Royal Flush in that the Pink Ranger from that team is also the Pink Ranger of that team in which the international version of Royal Flush’s agency recruits members from around the world to stop Dark Spector from invading Earth.

Denjiman-Power Rangers Shine Force: Set 15 million years ago Zordon now retired from being a ranger leads a new team of Rangers who protect an Eltarian space colony on Earth from the evil queen Pollutica. Demon King Benkei is Master Vile.

Sun Vulcan-Power Rangers  Nature Fist: The ancient civilization of Jungala recruits three of it’s most powerful warriors to battle the evil alien overlord Balkor, and a revived Pollutica.

GoggleV-Power Rangers Five Star: A young Andrew Hartford, and his friends must protect the powerful Vor crystals from the evil Dr. Vorstien, and his bio-mechanical mutants.

Dynaman-Power Rangers Legendary Voyage: The second season of Five Star in which the Five Star rangers must upgrade their powers to stop a newly upgraded Vorstien, and his new super mutants.

Bioman-Power Rangers Star Force: Various random people discover that they are the sole survivors of a destroyed planet, and with the help of a robot from their destroyed homeworld they must use their powers to stop Lord Nexus the galactic tyrant who destroyed their world

Changeman-Power Rangers Mythic Fury: Lord Nexus is revived by his own master the cosmic abomination Darklor to continue his conquest of Earth forcing the Star Force Rangers to combine their powers with those of the Earth itself, and mystical creatures to stop him.

Flashman-Power Rangers Giga Strike: A piece of Darklor survives, and mutates into a new Darklor joined by a new minion Dr Splicer to once again conquer the Earth forcing the Mythic Fury Rangers to combine their powers with the remnants of their home planet to save the Earth one last time.

Maskman-Power Rangers Solaris Crusade: Five hundred years in the future the beautiful Princess Corona is kidnapped by the evil mutant warlord Strontion forcing five of the surface’s bravest warriors to save her.

Liveman-Power Rangers Beast Assault: Thousands of years ago in what is now called the Lost Galaxy three young warriors from Mirinoi join forces with an Edenite super robot to battle evil space pirates.

Turboranger-Power Rangers High Octane: Five members of an amateur racing team are recruited by a good alien named Grpyhiton to protect Earth from the alien tyrant Xylos who plans to conquer it.

Fiveman-Power Rangers Earth Defense Force: A sequel to High Octane in which the High Octane Rangers must upgrade their powers when the evil empress Bourialla, and her minions want to conquer Earth.

Jetman-Power Rangers Sky Patrol: The heroic alien warrior Aquilus is the sole survivor of the planet Talos destroyed by the evil Dementio empire. Aquilus finds four Earthlings, and gives them the powers of the ancient protectors of his planet enabling the five of them to protect the Earth.

I don’t really have much besides concepts, and pitches so I’m still working on who the characters would be but I do know that I would probably make Midori Ranger, Jack Dia, Battle Cossack, Denji Yellow, Vul Shark, Goggle Yelow, Dyna Yellow, Green Sai, and Turbo Yellow women in my stories.

Also names of both characters, and seasons could change if I think of anything better like Dynaman could be Mega Assault since I'm thinking of calling my version of Gokaiger Legendary Voyage.

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