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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino

Episode 1 Day of the Dumpster

By Justin Best

It all started on a day like at Ernie’s Gym, and Juice Bar in the southern California City of Angel Grove. On the Karate Mat a muscular dark haired young man in red workout clothes was sparing with another young man in black, and purple workout clothes. “Nice recovery Zack” Jason said impressed by Zack’s moves. Then the two friends were done sparing they shook each other’s hands, and Zack responded humbly with “Thanks for teaching me Jason".

While this was going on one of their other friends a brown haired girl in pink workout clothes was doing gymnastics on the balance beam while another a dark haired girl in yellow workout clothes was practicing karate by herself when the girl in pink did a flip off the balance beam, and the girl in yellow congratulated her by saying “That was awesome Kimberly” to which Kimberly responded gratefully with “Thanks Trini”.

Just then another one of their friends a young geeky looking blonde young man with glasses wearing a Karate gi with a blue head band showed up, and said excitedly “Hey fellas” Zack asked gladly with “Yo Billy what’s up?” to which Billy explained “Well I think I’m mentally, and physically prepared for my first Karate class.”

Afterwards two more young men one blonde haired, and plus size, the other dark haired, and scrawny in black, and grey punk style clothing with purple shirts underneath appeared, and Trini said worriedly “Oh no look who showed up”. Kimberly responded disappointedly with “Bulk, and Skull”.

Then Bulk said eagerly “Hey girls how about that double date we talked about?”, and Skull followed up with “Yeah double date” before laughing like a hyena, and asking “yeah what about it?”

Trini responded nicely with “Sorry guys”, and Skull was about to walk off when Bulk grabbed him by his collar, and shook his head at him. Then Bulk said angrily “what’s the matter we aren’t good enough for you?”.

Trini pleaded “Leave us alone Bulk”, but Bulk only responded with “Yeah make me”, and Skull parroted “Yeah make me”.

Then Zack appeared, and Skull nervously pointed at Bulk, and said “Him make him” Zack then said “You heard what she said” but Bulk was undaunted, and said mockingly “ooh look Skull the dancer wants to be a fighter” Kimberly assured Zack “Don’t worry Zack we can handle these two”.

Bulk responded angrily with Oh yeah let’s show you some karate moves” before he, and Skull charged at Kimberly, and Trini but the two just got out of the way, and threw Bulk, and Skull onto the Gymnastics mat, and Kimberly followed mockingly with “You guys should definitely join Jason’s Karate Class”.

While this was going on all over Angel Grove people were watching TV when a newscaster announced “We are now live with NASADA’s latest mission to the moon”.

Then the newscast showed images of a space shuttle landing on the moon. While there two astronauts got out, and started looking around when one of them noticed a shining red light in the distance.

The two astronauts followed the glow to a mysterious dumpster like object. “What do you think it is?” one of them asked. The other one simply replied “It looks like a giant space dumpster”.

While on Earth in a mysterious temple like fortress in the bottom of the sea a shiny white crystal ball sprang to life with the image of the two astronauts, and soon all the lights in the fortress sprang to life revealing all sorts of pillars, consoles, and devices including a red humanoid robot with a gold saucer shaped head.

As soon as the robot was activated it looked at the crystal ball, and exclaimed worriedly “Aye ye ye Zordon two astronauts have discovered Rita’s prison, and according to the Command Center’s computer due to continental drift the Command Center is at the bottom of the sea.

Then the tallest pillar surged with energy as it displayed what looked like a giant glowing human head. Zordon then replied “Activate the Geoseismic Modulator, and bring us to the surface”.

“Understood” Alpha responded, as he pressed some buttons on the console causing the land the area around the Command Center to detach from the rest of the sea bed, and rise to the surface as an Island.

Back on the moon the astronauts had just about removed the lid on the space dumpster, and as soon as they did a geyser of lights emanated from the Dumpster, and the lights solidified the form of four creatures.

A ferocious humanoid panther like creature in gold armor with black falcon like wings, a bat like humanoid creature with a white human like face, and a monocle, a blue pig like humanoid creature in black, and silver armor, and a white creature with elf like ears, and a strange half mammal half reptile like face.

The blue pig like creature cheered “Oh right we’re out” then he went back to the space dumpster, and pleaded “Wake up Rita wake up we’re free”, and out of the space dumpster came what looked like an elderly Asian woman in a brown dress with white pointy hair who yawned, and the blue pig like creature went “Ooh morning breath”, and looked through it’s satchel.

While the white creature just shook it’s head, and said contently “It’s good to be free after 10,000,000 years”. Then the bat like creature went up to Rita who was now wielding a giant gold scepter with a giant round ruby in it, and said obediently “Let me help your evilness. Come on walk with talk with me”.

Then Rita said angrily “You imbecile you made me step in a puddle. Get out of my way monkey face”. Then she took her scepter, and shot energy beams at the dumpster destroying it.

The Astronauts tried to flee for their lives but Rita mockingly “Oh don’t leave you’ll miss my coming out party that’s when I destroy the nearest planet” as she pointed to Earth.

Then she turned her attention back to the Astronauts, and said menacingly “But first how about a token of my gratitude” as she quite literally blew them away off into space.

Back at the gym, and juice bar Jason was saying proudly “Billy I’m telling you for your first lesson you did really well”. “I did?” Billy asked surprised. “Yeah we were watching” Kimberly answered.

But Billy replied nervously “I don’t know I’m just not sure if I have what it takes.” But Trini said “It’s a state of mind Billy you don’t need to be strong for martial arts”. “Yeah it’s all up here” Zack said pointing at his own head.

Then Ernie the plus sized middle aged owner of the gym, and juice bar came over with a plate of drinks, and said “Hey guys” and the five friends replied “Hey Ernie”, and Ernie inquired “So who ordered the spinach juice?”.

Then out of nowhere an earthquake came out of nowhere, and Ernie cried out “Oh no it’s an earthquake everybody stay calm”. Then the earthquake caused Ernie to spill the drinks onto Bulk to which Ernie apologized “Sorry Bulk”.

Downtown skyscrapers started dislodging from their foundations, and moving through the city on their own until they all converged on a single area where a mysterious castle floated down from space and landed on the building in the center.

A reporter in a helicopter watching it could only muster a shocked “Goodness gracious it seems some kind of flying castle has landed in downtown Angel Grove”.

Then the castle’s doors opened and out came Rita flying on some strange looking old fashioned tricycle followed by the panther like creature in gold armor.

Then Rita shouted at everyone in Angel Grove “Hear me you pathetic
earthlings. I am Rita Repulsa the most powerful, and evil witch in the universe.

I can, and I have destroyed countless worlds just because I didn’t like the way they look, and now I’m going to do the same to your planet”.

Then she took her scepter, and from it she projected an image of the space shuttle miniaturized inside her castle with the miniaturized astronauts trapped inside. Rita then menacingly told them “As you can see I have these poor fools who released me hostage”.

Then she showed them an image of a mace being hung by a string with a magnifying glass aimed at the string that was using the focused light to slowly burn the string.

“And in just a few hours their going to be my first victims as well” then she broke out into maniacal laughter.

Back at the Command Center Alpha was watching the events transpire on the viewing globe, and going “Aye ye ye we’re too late Zordon Rita, and her minions are free”.

Zordon then tried to calm him down with “Patch me into the Holographic Projector, and let me see if I can reason with her”. Then Alpha once again pushed some buttons on a console, and the image of Zordon’s face appeared in the skies over Angel Grove.

“Rita Repulsa” Zordon called out “On behalf of Earth, Eltar, and all the peaceful planets of the universe I beseech you. Earth is a planet of peace, love, and hope there is nothing left for you here. Turn back now to your empire of dead worlds, and leave Earth alone”.

“Ahh Zordon I see being trapped in a time warp for 10,000,000 years hasn’t done your brain any favors” Rita mocked “You, and what army as I see your still trapped in that time warp, and I wiped out your pathetic champions eons ago you’ve got nothing’. Then Rita went back to laughing maniacally.

At the Command Center Alpha inquired worriedly “Now what Zordon” to which Zordon answered solemnly “There’s only one option left find five humans whose DNA signatures match those of our previous team of Power Rangers, and see if they will volunteer to help stop Rita, and save the Astronauts”. Then Alpha pushed some more buttons on the console.

While at the juice bar every except Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly was running out of the juice bar, when Kimberly asked worriedly “Oh my gosh what’s happening?” to which Trini could only respond “This is too weird”, and Jason tried to assure them “Hang on”.

Just then out of nowhere Jason randomly turned into red energy, Zack turned into black energy, Billy turned into blue energy, Trini turned into yellow energy, and Kimberly turned into pink energy, and they all disappeared then they rematerialized inside the Command Center.

The five friends looked around the mysterious structure to which Kimberly could only react sarcastically “Well it’s not exactly the mall”. But Billy was impressed beaming “Wow this place is magnificent”.

While Jason asked confused “I don’t get it how did we end up here?”. To which Trini could only reply “I just want to know where “here” is”.

Billy then eagerly turned to the consoles, and started pressing buttons asking “Maybe the answers in these controls”. Then Alpha appeared waving his arms frantically going “Wait watch out don’t touch that woahhh” before falling down.

Billy then picked up Alpha wondering out loud “Woah a fully sentient multifunctional automaton. Never seen anything like it”.

Just then Zordon appeared in the pillar, and said to the five friends “Welcome humans”. Jason then inquired “So who are you?”, and Kimberly followed with “What are you?” Zordon then answered I am Zordon an interdimensional wizard from the planet Eltar caught in a time warp".

And Alpha answered “And my name is Alpha 5 I’m Zordon’s multifunctional robotic companion, and assistant”.

Kimberly then asked dubiously “Could someone please take me back to Earth because I’m really confused” Zordon replied with “It’s quite simple my dear this planet is under attack, and I have brought you here to save it”.

“Yeah right” Zack said skeptically to which Zordon replied confidently “Ahh a nonbeliever. Look Behind you at the viewing globe. Your doubts will be answered in the images you see”.

The five friends turned to the viewing globe which then show themed various images from various civilizations, some ancient looking, some futuristic but all were beautiful, and peaceful looking.

Zordon then explained “Once upon a time the universe was in a wondrous age. Almost every planet in the universe was inhabited, and almost every civilization lived in peace.”

Then Zordon showed them some images of primitive early civilizations, and dinosaurs, and creatures the five friends believed to be myths like dragons, and unicorns. “Your planet in particular was home to a variety of wondrous creatures such as dinosaurs”.

Then the viewing globe displayed images of demonic looking creatures attacking, and destroying the various civilizations. “But where there is light there is darkness, and one terrible day numerous beings turned to evil, and began mad crusades to control the very universe itself”.

Then Zordon showed them images of Rita, her minions, and what looked like an army of sentient humanoid statues running amok. Zordon explained “But few were as powerful, and evil as Rita Repulsa.

Along with her sentient clay foot soldiers, and her army of evil magical beings she laid waste to what you humans called Atlantis, and brought dinosaurs, and magical beings to extinction”.

Then he showed them images of various groups of people in colorful spandex, and helmets along with various matching vehicles that would combine to form giant robot knights.

“But the evil of Rita, and other beings would not go unopposed for various peace loving beings from Earth, and other planets got together using the most ancient magic, alongside the most advanced technology to become of legion of heroes known throughout out the universe as the Power Rangers”.

Zordon showed some images of a primitive civilization alongside some very futuristic robotic dinosaurs, and Zordon further explained “I came to your planet, and I looked to the five clans of Atlantis to find the most powerful, brave, and wise warriors to become Earth’s team of Power Rangers, and I succeeded”.

Zordon showed them images of the five warriors four young men in red, black, blue, and yellow, and one young woman in pink, and explained“I found Prince Yamato of the Tyrannosaurus clan, Prince Sharma of the Mastodon clan.

Prince Etoffe of the Triceratops clan, Prince Daim of the Sabre Tooth Tiger clan, and Princess Rinshiya of the Pterodactyl clan”.

Then Zordon showed them an elderly looking Asian man in white clothes carrying another giant scepter but his had a strange spikey spiral shape. The man also had five coins with what looked like the images of various prehistoric creatures on them that he then gave the five warriors.

Zordon explained “I then gave them the mystical medallions called the Power Coins each Power Coin was infused with the power of each clan’s respective dinosaurs”.

Then the warriors put the coins into various belt buckle like devices, and calling out the names of their respective dinosaurs, and getting their own spandex suits, and helmets.

Prince Yamato got a red suit based on the Tyrannosaurus, Prince Sharma got a black suit based on a Mastodon, Prince Etoff got a blue suit based on a Tricertops, Prince Daim got a yellow suit based on a Sabre Tooth Tiger, and Princess Rinshiya got a pink suit based on a Pterodactyl.

Zordon then showed his rangers storming into Rita’s castle, and beaming down the dumpster like prison which then opened up, and fired white light at Rita, and her minions which turned them into white light, sucked them up, and closed itself. Zordon explained “Eventually my rangers were able to finally trap Rita in a space dumpster, and trap her on the moon”.

Then Zordon showed Rita casting a spell, and himself being wrapped in some weird rope made from some weird translucent blue plastic like substance, and then some images of some skeletons dressed like his rangers.

Zordon sadly explained “But victory was not without sacrifice for not only was I banished to a time warp forever but my rangers ultimately gave their own lives for the cause”.

Trini then asked still in doubt “But what does all this have to do with us?” Zordon then explained “You five are direct descendants of my last team of Power Rangers, and as such only you can inherit their magnificent legacy, and save your planet”.

Then the belt buckle like devices with the dinosaur engraved coins appeared on the five teenagers. Zordon explained “Those are your Power Morphers if you or anyone else is in danger raise them out in front of you calling out the name of your dinosaur, and you will morph into the new Power Rangers”.

“Morph?” Kimberly asked still confused. Billy then explained “Metamorphosis” but Kimberly was still confused until Trini explained “That means to change”, and Kimberly nodded, and Zordon explained as Power Rangers you will have access to a universe of power, and will command a fleet of fighting machines called Zords” but Trini asked “I still don’t get it”.

Zordon showed them a red robotic Tyrannosaurus, and said “Jason bold, and powerful you shall command the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord”. Then a black robotic Mastodon “Zachary clever, and brave you shall command the Mastodon Dinozord.

Then a pink robotic Pterodactyl “Kimberly graceful, and smart the Pterodactyl Dinozord shall be yours”. Then a blue robotic Triceratops “Billy patient, and wise you shall command the powerful Triceratops Dinozord”.

And finally yellow robotic Sabre Tooth Tiger “Trini graceful, and agile the Sabre Tooth Tiger Dinozord shall be under your command”.

Then Zordon showed them a giant tank shaped made from their Zords which then transformed into a giant robot knight, and Zordon explained “Just like you five work together so do your zords. When you need help you need only look to the power of the Dinozords, and they will come together to form the Mighty Megazord”.

But Zack was still skeptical “Power Morphers? Megazords? Atlantis? Magical creatures? Evil space aliens? Uh uh this is too weird. I’ll tell you what it’s been real but I gotta go”. Kimberly agreed “Yeah see ya”.

Then all of them except Jason started leaving, and Zack said “Ya all coming” but Jason was still taking in what Zordon was saying so Zack asked “Jason?” which brought him back long enough to answer “What?” to which Zack answered “You coming?”, and Jason answered “Yeah”, and left with them.

But before they left Zordon cried out “Wait before you go there is something you must see”. Then the viewing globe showed the two astronauts in their spaceship in Rita’s palace with the magnifying glass getting closer to burning the string, and dropping the mace.

Trini then cried “Oh no”. Then Zordon explained “As you can see Rita is holding the NASADA astronauts who freed her hostage, only you as the Power Rangers can save them”.

Back in her palace on the moon Rita was looking though her telescope at Earth, and said in a sarcastically offended voice “Zordon I’m surprised by you Teenagers?” then she turned to the white creature, and demanded “Finster start making Putties”. Finster then replied obediently “Yes my queen right away”.

Finster then started taking some clay, put it some molds until it took on humanoid shapes, and when he had enough clay figures put them on a tray while the blue pig like creature gloated “Those Putties will make space dust out of those teenagers”.

And Finster added joyfully “And if they don’t we can always make more”. Then he put the tray in an oven that was connected to some tubes, and an explosion came out of the tubes, and when it cleared there was an army of Putties standing there.

Then Rita looked inside the spaceship, and said mockingly at the cowering astronauts “So you two still enjoying our accommodations?” before once again laughing maniacally, and saying “Well soon you won’t be the only guests at my party”.

At the Command Center two strange diamond shaped sirens went off, and Alpha screamed “Aye ye ye” Billy asked “What is it Zordon?” then the viewing globe showed an image of Rita’s Putties outside the Command Center, and Zordon explained “Rita has already sent down an army of putties to stop you before you even become Rangers you must go out, and stop them”.

Then Jason said proudly don’t worry Zordon we’ll stop them” as he, and his friends left while Alpha wondered in a worried voice “Are you sure they can do it Zordon?” to which Zordon answered confidentially “I know they will”.

In her palace Rita was looking at the new Rangers as they were walking around the desert outside the command center, and cheerfully exclaimed “Get the putties it’s time” then she aimed her scepter at the Earth, and said forcefully “Take That”.

Then Rita fired another energy beam which hit the ground next to the Rangers as Putties started surrounding them. “Watch out” Jason warned his friends while Trini asked “What was that?”

Then the Putties started surrounding the five teens, and Zack warned “Lookout”. Then the Putties grabbed Kimberly by the arms, and Jason cried out “Zack”. Zack then assured him “Don’t worry these two are mine”.

Then Zack distracted the Putties with some hip hop moves before he, Jason, and Trini started punching Putties. Then a Putty came after Billy who put his glasses away but two more Putties grabbed him.

Kimberly then did a flip, and kicked off a Putty, and tried to kick another one but it didn’t work.

Then Zack kicked some more Putties while Billy tried to evade his Putties, and got them to bump into each other but they grabbed, and threw him.
Then the Putties threw Kimberly, then Zack, then Trini, and finally Jason.

Kimberly bemoaned “This day is too weird”. Trini asked panicking “What do we do?” Jason responded with the only thing he knew “Zordon said that these would give us power so let’s use them”. Then they raised their Morphers out in front of themselves.

Zack shouted “Mastodon”, Kimberly shouted “Pterodactyl”, Billy shouted “Triceratops”, Trini shouted “Sabre Tooth Tiger”, and finally Jason shouted “Tyrannosaurus”.

Then Black, Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Red energy emanated from the Morphers, and surrounded the five teenagers before solidifying in the form of five spandex suits with matching Dinosaur themed helmets.

At the Command Center Alpha cheered “Yes they’ve done it Zordon. They’ve made the metamorphosis” Zordon then told Alpha “Good now send them down to Angel Grove Rita has just sent down Goldar”.

Then the rangers started teleporting again, and Billy pointed out “We’re being teleported again” Kimberly asked “Where are we going?” Kimberly asked, and Jason answered “We’re gonna save the world”.

When they finished teleporting Jason shouted “All right let’s do this”. Then the Rangers did a pose, and shouted “Power Rangers” then Goldar jumped down carrying his sword, and summoned an army of Putties, and ordered them “Get them".

And the Putties attacked the Power Rangers. But one by one the Power Rangers started fighting them off with ease.

Back at Rita’s palace Rita was watching this, and simply shrugged it off with “Those Rangers are gonna wish they never tangled with me I’ll trap them in a time warp the same way I did Zordon. Babbo is the time device ready or have you messed it up?”.

Babboo answered “I managed to get it to work” before hitting the blue pig like creature on the head, and complaining “No thanks to lunkhead over here”. Then the blue pig like creature said “Hey”. Rita seemed impressed “Now that looks okay”.

Babboo explained “It’s all programmed it will fly down to Earth”. Then the blue pig like creature explained “And wherever it lands it will open up a hole in time”. Then Babboo explained “Then Finster’s monster will trap them in the hole, and they’ll be gone forever”.

Rita then went to Finster, and demanded “Fintster the time device is ready. It’s time to make a monster.” Then she gleefully looked at Finster’s collection of living clay monsters, and went “The babies. Which one of the delightfully hideous creatures are we using?”.

Finster then nervously responded as he was working on a clay skeleton monster “Uh none my queen”. I’m making a new monster named Bones I’m sure He’ll be perfect”, and Rita shrugged “He better be”.

Then she looked at the finished model of Bones, and cried happily “He’s so gruesome, and ugly just like I wanted.

Finster then gladly informed her “Thanks my queen. I’ve set the Monster Matic for full power” as he put Bones on a tray, and loaded him into the Monster Matic. Finster then cranked some wheels, and pulled some levers as he gloated “The Power Rangers will be helpless against him”.

Then the Monster Matic roared to life as it started making Bones while Rita worried “What’s taking so long he’s going to be overcooked”. Then an explosion came out of the Monster Matic, and a yellow skeleton with black, and red cape with matching hat appeared, took off his own head, and, and said “I am Bones. How may I serve you?”.

Finster started stroking his beard “Perhaps I should have put it on low?”. Rita then ordered her minions “All right salad brains it’s time to launch the time device. And I don’t want any mistakes I want the Power Rangers gone”.

“Whenever you’re ready to launch” Babboo assured her “Yes”. Rita demanded.” Babboo then informed “All right I just have to push this lever” The blue pig like creature worried “Ooh I hope he knows what he’s doing”. Then Babboo flicked a switch, and gladly proclaimed “And fire”.

Then the miniaturized shuttle roared back to life, and flew all the way from the moon back to Earth. Rita then turned to her telescope, and angrily wondered “Where is that thing? I can’t wait to trap those Power geeks in my time warp”. Then she saw it in Angel Grove, and gladly said “There it is”.

Then the miniaturized shuttle flew through Angel Grove causing chaos in it’s wake while Rita, and her minions cheered on., And at the Command Center the alarms once again went off, and Zordon warned “Rangers it’s Rita she’s opened up a time trap in downtown Angel Grove”.

Back on the moon Rita gladly ordered “All right Bones do your stuff”., and with that Bones ran covering himself with red energy until he teleported away. Then he appeared in Angel Grove disassembled before literally pulling himself together.

At the Command Center Zordon warned “Our scanners have picked up a new threat Rita has just send down Bones to the Angel Grove amusement park”. Zordon explained “He can shoot energy bolts from his eyes, jump long distances, and even make himself disappear. He might be the one that controls the time device so get moving while I analyze the time device.

Then the Power Rangers teleported to Angel Grove amusement park, and once again posed before shouting Power Rangers. But Bones just threw his own head in the air, and mocked “Here Rangers let me give you a heads up”.

Just then Bones head started spinning around at impossible speed, and before they knew it they were sucked into a vortex, and landed in a strange dark forest like dimension. Jason said “This is weird” Kimberly agreed “Strange”.

Jason asked out loud “What is this place?” when Bones leaped out at them, and he warned “Look out” but Bones was able to attack them, and pulled out a green energy sword. Jason told his friends “Blade Blasters up,
The Rangers then pulled out their red guns from their holsters, and changed them to blade mode.

The Rangers charged at Bones who summoned an army of Skeleton warriors to attack the Rangers. While Babboo, and the blue pig like creature emerged from some pumpkins with a bomb with the blue pig creature going “Ooh wee this out to do it”, and Babboo going “Wow this place is weird”.

The blue pig creature then put the bomb by the shuttle, and said “Now to blow up the time device, and trap them here”. “Come on Squat hurry up. You did bring the matches didn’t you ooh I told you not to forget them oh let me see” Babboo ordered searching through Squat’s satchel.

Babboo found them, and gladly proclaimed “Ahh there they are” “Let me do it” Squat demanded as he took a match. “Now hold it steady”. He pleaded, and the fuse lit, and Squat said “There now we’re really going to get it”.

Then Kimberly saw the lit fuse, and called out “Jason”. Then Jason cried out “We’ve got to stop it”. Then Bones opened up a fissure in the ground but Jason leaped after him, and clashed blades, and Jason ordered “All right blast, and the Rangers fired on Bones.

Bones reassembled himself but Billy figured out his weakness. “We’ve got to destroy his head”. Billy then leaped at Bones, grabbed his head, wrapped it in his cape, and threw it to Trini shouting “Trini catch.”

Trini then ran through Bones’ skeleton warriors before finding the fissure, and saying “It’s over Bone Head”, and throwing Bones’ head into the fissure destroying it, and causing the rest of Bones to explode as well.

But on the moon Rita was undaunted She once again shrugged “I’m not through yet. Send to Earth the Giant, and just like that a giant red, and black knight with a silver helmet appeared, and forced it’s hand into the time warp.

The giant grabbed Jason, and pulled him back into the real world but Jason just taunted the monster with “Let me go you big ugly ox”. While the fuse on the shuttle was running so Squat exclaimed “Let’s get out of here”.

Billy then grabbed the shuttle, and he, and the rest of the Rangers leaped back to the real world as well. While Jason was able to free himself from the Giant’s grip with his Blade Blaster in gun mode. But the Giant came after them with his Sword, and tried to stomp on them.

Jason then cried out “Zordon we need Dinozord Power now.” Then the Earth crackled, and from a fissure in Earth the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord rose, and Jason gladly proclaimed “Now that’s what I call power. Let’s kick some Giant”.

Jason then jumped into the Tyrannosaurs Dinozord’s cockpit. Impressed Jason said “Woah Dinozord power on” as he activated the controls of the Zord.

Then the Tyrannosaurus, and the Giant charged at each other but then the Giant slashed his sword at the Tyrannosaurus while the other Rangers watched on the ground. But Billy had an Idea.

“Wait I’ve got” he proclaimed he then looked inside the spaceship, and politely asked the astronauts “Hey excuse me but could you guys set your controls for maximum overdrive”. The astronauts shrugged “Sure if you guys can get us out of here”.

Zack was skeptical “But what about the astronauts?”. Kimberly assured him “Don’t worry I’ll get them” as she grabbed the miniaturized astronauts, and landed them safely on the ground.

Then the Rangers aimed the empty shuttle at the giant, and Billy asked “Hey Jason try grabbing the Giant”. Jason saw what was going on, and agreed “Got ya I’m on it” As the Tyrannosaurus grabbed the Giant.

Then the Rangers fired the shuttle at the Giant which didn’t destroy him but allowed Jason to get the upper hand.

While at the Command Center Alpha was working on a device when Zordon inquired “Alpha is the Molecular Restablizer ready?” Alpha answered “Just about. There it’s ready.” Zordon replied good now teleport it to the Rangers”. Then Alpha hit some more buttons, and teleported the device away

Back at the fight the Tyrannosaurus started tail whipping the Giant. “Time to chill this dude out” Jason quipped as he hit some switches on his control panel which caused the Tyrannosaurus to let out a sonic attack which reduced the Giant to dust.

Then the Molecular Restablizer appeared in Billy’s hands as a message from Zordon cried out “Rangers use this device to restore the astronauts”. “Affirmative Zordon” Billy complied as he used the device on the astronauts to return them to proper size.

Back on the moon Rita was furious with her minions for failure hitting them all over the head with her scepter screaming at the top of her lungs “YOU LOUSY INCOMPETANT MORONS. I can’t believe you lost to a bunch of kids who haven’t even graduated yet. You make me sick.”

At the Command Center the Rangers were congratulating each other when Zordon added “Congratulations on a job well done”. Then he told them “Now that you have become Power Rangers you must follow three basic rules or lose the protection of the power”.

“First never use your power for personal gain. Second never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you, and Finally keep your identity secret no one must know that you are a Power Ranger”.

Then Zack said still skeptical “Wait a second” “What is it Zachary?” Zordon asked. Zack answered “I’m still not sure we’re up to this. We were really lucky this time”.

Zordon replied “Luck had nothing to do with it. You five have come together to form as fine a group of superheroes as the world will ever know”. Kimberly asked “No way really?”.

Zordon then replied “You have been through an extraordinary experience together. You need each other, and the world needs you.

Cheerfully Jason said “All right I’m in” “Me too” Zack added. “You can count on me” Trini said followed by Billy with “Affirmative”.

But Kimberly said disappointingly “I don’t know you guys the outfits are cool, and everything but my hair gets tangled up inside the helmet. I don’t think I can do it.”

Kimberly’s friends were disappointed until she went “Not”, and they all laughed except for Alpha who started short circuiting. Then the five friends put their hands together, and leaped together all of them shouting “Power Rangers”.

The End.
Power Ranger Dino Episode 2
High Five
Written by Justin Best

It was another typical day at Ernies gym, and Juice Bar. Trini was practicing martial arts in a group while Jason, Zack, and Kimberly where at the rope. “Come on Jason you can do it” Kimberly cheered as Jason climbed the rope. “Keep going” “You can do it” Zack, and Kimberly kept cheering.

Then Trini joined them but she was worried “Be careful Jason” she warned. “If you slip you could really hurt yourself”. But Zack didn’t want to hear this. “Yo man you’re making him nervous.” But Jason was confident “Nervous? I never get nervous” then he slipped but quickly regained his grip “when I climb”.

But Trini wasn’t convinced “You should be”. Then she motioned to some workout equipment, and said “You guys I’m going to be there at least it’s closer to Earth”. Zack offered “You man you should try this”. But Trini was still not convinced. “Uh Uh You’ll never catch me doing anything that high”.

Then Billy arrived, and Zack greeted him “Yo Billy my main brain what’s up?” Billy explained “Well I do have some exiting information that I want to disseminate you see I made a breakthrough regarding the” but before he could finish Jason fell from the rope, and landed on Billy’s shoulders causing both of them to swing from the rope around the gym making Zack laugh “You guys should join the circus”.

Just then Bulk, and Skull appeared, and Bulk taunted “Nah I’m afraid the circus don’t take geek clowns”. Skull laughed, and parroted “Yeah geek clowns”. But Kimberly was annoyed “Why don’t you guys crawl back to the ooze you crawled out of”.

Bulk taunted back “Pretty big talk coming from a friend of the monkey man over here”. Jason fired back at least I can make it all the way to the top”. Skull then mockingly asked “Are you saying Bulk can’t do it” before answer his own question “Yeah that what you said”.

Bulk then bragged “Let me show you”. But Kimberly was skeptical “You sure you know how to use this?” But Bulk was confident “What do I look stupid?” and Zack came back with “Well you know what they say if the rope fits climb it".

Then Bulk tried to climb the rope but not only did he break the rope but also caused part of the roof to fall down on him. Kimberly then mocked “Yeah Bulk you sure showed us.”

Meanwhile at Rita’s palace Rita was gloating about her latest evil plan. I’ll make those Rangers wish they never tangled with me. I’ll send another monster to destroy them”.

Finster was pleased “Once my monster destroys the Ranger Earth is finished”. “Finster” Rita demanded “It’s time is the monster finished?” Finster then showed her a clay model of a minotaur, and explained “Yes your evil one the Minotaur is nearly complete”.

Then when Finster finished the model he put it in the Monster Matic, and activated it, and Rita teleported it to Earth where it arrived in the form of a brown minotaur with a mace, and shield.

Back at Ernie’s gym, and juice bar Billy was explaining “You see I complete a narrowbeam transmission module that will allow wave function in extended interval”. Everyone was confused by what Billy had said, and he sounded worried “Well aren’t you exited?” Zack answered “Well I will be as soon as I figure out what you said”. And Trini answered “He’s created a communication device using microwaves”.

Billy confirmed “Affirmative see now we connection with Zordon, and Alpha in the Command Center”. Billy then took out five silver watch like devices. One red, one black, one blue, one yellow, and one pink, and gave his friends their respective communicators. Kimberly said happily “This is morphinominal”.

Billy further explained “They respond to textile pressure followed by auditory stimulus”. Trini also explained “So what you’re saying is we just touch, and talk like this?” as she pressed a button on the communicator.

Soon everyone except Billy touched the buttons, and teleported off. Billy was confused “The neutrino power grid must have demoleculized” before teleporting himself out as well.

The Rangers then teleported into the Command Center, and Billy explained “There must be something wrong with my communicators.” Then Alpha greeted them “Yo homeboys home girls what’s up?”. But Zack scoffed “Too much TV”

Zordon was impressed “I commend you Billy not only have you created a communicator you have also tapped into our teleportation grid.” Alpha took the communicators while Zordon further explained “With some fine tuning not only will you be able to communicate with us at the Command Center but also each other”.

Alpha then took out a device to fix the communicators but caused a power surge that sent him around the Command Center.

Just then the alarms went off, and Zack asked “What is it Zordon?” Zordon explained “It’s Rita she’s sent another monster just outside of Angel Grove” the viewing globe showed images of the minotaur as Billy stated “It’s a most menacing minotaur”.

Zordon explained “Correct this monster is not only armed with a mace that can crush even solid steel, and a shield that is virtually impenetrable but it can also breath fire, and shoot lasers from it’s horns”.

But the Rangers were ready as Jason said “We’re on it. It’s morphin time.” Then they all shouted “Mastadon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Saber Tooth Tiger, Tyrannosaurus”. Billy, and Zack then jump kicked at the Minotaur but he blocked them with his shield.

Jason was undaunted “This guy’s tough time to use Blade Blaster” Jason then got his Blade Blaster, and fired at the Minotaur who once again used his shield to reflect the blast at the Rangers.

Trini, and Kimberly were fighting Goldar, and some putties Goldar ordered “Get them” But the girls taunted You’ll have to catch us first” Goldar was swinging his sword at them, and taunting “Your’re mine”, and hit Kimberly knocking her down.

Trini screamed “Kimberly”, and ran over, and grabbed Goldar but he hit her as well. But Trini got back up, and kicked him.

At the Command Center Alpha was worried “Aye ye ye the Ranger still have their hands full” Zordon agreed “Perhaps now is the time to share with them the ancient secrets of the Power Weapons”.

While back at the fight Jason, Billy, and Zack were already getting defeated by the Minotaur when Squatt, and Babboo kept throwing boulders at them.

Rita was impressed but she still wanted to insure the Rangers defeat. “Ancient spirits of evil” she intoned before stopping herself “Wait wrong spell”, and continued “Magic wand make my monster grow” as she threw her scepter all the way down to Earth where it made a fissure in the Earth that sprayed gasses that caused the Minotaur to grow 100ft tall.

Babboo taunted “You guys are going to get it now” as the Minotaur started stomping at the Rangers.

Jason realized they were in trouble “We need Dinozord power now” he called out. The Rangers all cried out “Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Power, Mastodon Dinozord Power, Triceratops Dinozord Power, Saber Tooth Tiger Dinozord power, Pterodactyl Dinozord power.

One by one the Dinozord’s rose from the ground, and ran, and flew towards the Rangers’ location. Then the Rangers all jumped up, and entered their Zords. Jason said “Log on”, followed Zack saying “Zack here moving, and grooving” Billy saying “Outstanding”, Trini going “Trini here Ready to rock”, and finally Kimberly going “Nice Stereo”.

The Pterodactyl Dinozord then fired lasers from it’s wings at the Putties, and Goldar, and then at the Minotaur but that didn’t faze it. Billy said “weapon systems online”, and the tail of the Triceratops turned into a laser cannon, and fired at the Minotaur which still didn’t faze it.

Trini tried the same tactic with the Saber Tooth Tiger but it still didn’t work, and the Minotaur fired lasers from it’s horns but the Saber Tooth Tiger was able to avoid them, and jump at the Minotaur knocking out it’s mace.

“I’ll chill this dude” Zack bragged as the Mastodon shot freezing gas at the Minotaur taking out it’s shield as well. Then the Triceratops fired it’s horns as anchors, and they wrapped around the Minotaur’s horns but it wasn’t working but Billy was undaunted he simply went “Increasing power”, and the Triceratops was able to down the Minotaur.

Rita was worried “He can’t be defeated now not when we’re so close”. But the Minotaur got up, and started ramming, punching, and kicking at the Tyrannosaurus, and then fired more horn lasers at the Zords.

At the Command Center Alpha was still worried “Aye ye ye He keeps coming the Zords have no effect on him”. Zordon agreed “You are right tell the Rangers to teleport back to the Command Center, and await further instructions”. Rita was glad “They’re running away. Now the world is ours for the taking”.

The Ranger then appeared in the Commander Center Kimberly asked “What’s going on?”, and Zordon answered “All your questions will be answered in due time”. He explained “Your Zords are in their hiding places” he then added “But for now I must give you new powers, and weapons. Behold the Viewing Globe”.

The Rangers turned around as Zordon showed them an image of Antartica which then zoomed in to show an uncharted area that was not only warm but even looked like a desert, and in the desert was a cave, and in the cave was an altar that contained five mystical looking weapons.

Zordon explained “These are your power weapons. The Power Sword, Power Axe, Power Lance, Power Daggers, and Power Bow”. He added “These were the weapons used by your ancestors the ancient Rangers”. He then showed them an image of the ancient Rangers combining the weapons into some kind of futuristic crossbow, and firing a laser which destroyed a monster, and explained “When combined they can become the mighty Power Blaster a weapon that can destroy almost any monster”.

Zordon also warned “Be careful though they can only be found in the ruins of Atlantis you must go over there yourselves, and find them but be warned Rita may have already sent her minions to try, and stop you”. He then prayed “May the Power protect you”. The Rangers accepted, and Jason said “We’re on it” and the Rangers teleported out.

The Rangers then appeared in the Antarctic desert, and started looking around. After a while, and still not seeing anything they started to worry. “You guys see anything?” Jason asked. Zack answered disappointed “Nah man it’s like we’re walking around in circles”.

They then saw what looked like a short man wearing green medieval looking clothes walking around not noticing them. Kimberly then shouted “Hey mister”, and the man turned around. She then asked “Can you help us. You see Rita Repulsa”.

But before she could finish the man was shocked, and exclaimed “Rita? Rita sent you hear? Well then I Quagmire shall disappear”., and like that the man just teleported away in green light.

But the Rangers were just confused “What’s his problem?” Kimberly asked. But all Billy could say was “I don’t know”. Jason just shrugged it off, and said “Let’s just find those weapons.”, and the Rangers kept looking.

After a while the Rangers got to what they thought was the cave but saw putties guarding it. “Oh man what do we do?” Trini asked. Jason answered “Well just have to find some way to sneak around them when they aren’t looking”. Billy then stammered “Uh Uh G-g-guys we got trouble”.

Zack was dubious “Man this is perfect cover”. But Trini corrected him “It was until about 10 seconds ago”,

Soon the Rangers saw that they were surrounded by Putties. Jason told Billy, and Trini “You two lead them away, and try to spread them out.” Trini agreed “Right”, and Billy followed “Affirmative”, and the two ran off while the Putties chased them.

Jason, Zack, and Kimberly fought the remaining Putties. Jason then told them “Form a human chain”. Jason then grabbed Zack who then grabbed Kimberly, and the three knocked out the Putties.

Meanwhile Billy, and Trini were by a cliff Billy then told Trini “Lets split up you go that way”. Trini agreed “Right”, and Billy went by the cliff being chased by Putties.

The Putties chased Billy all the way up the cliff while Trini warned “Careful Billy you’re too high” but the Putties were pushing him towards the edge.
Trini was watching, and realized only she could help “I’m scarred but I can do this. I don’t want to do this but I have to” as she climbed up the cliff.

And despite her fear of heights she made it all the way up. When she made she called out the Putties “Hey dirtbags. Come get some”. The Putties then ran after her, and Billy but Trini, and Billy got out of the way, and the Putties threw themselves off the cliff”.

As soon as the Rangers regrouped Quagmire then reappeared, and said apologetically “Oh you’re not Rita’s minions I see. That was most unwise of me”. Then Zack asked “Can you help us? You see we’re the Power Rangers, and our mentor Zordon told us that there was a cave with some weapons we need”.

As soon as he heard this he said excitedly “Well if you’re Rangers brave then sure I’ll take you to this cave”. And just like that Quagmire teleported himself, and the Rangers to the cave where the weapons were. The Rangers were ecstatic “All right” Trini beamed. Zack agreed “This will be easy bo breezy”.

But just like that Rita, her minions, and the once again human sized Minotaur appeared, and Rita taunted “That what you think. But I’m not letting you get them if it’s the last thing I do”. Then Rita fired energy bolts from her scepter but the Rangers, and Quagmire jumped out of the way.

“Oh man what do we do?” Zack asked nervously. Jason could only think of one thing “We’re just going to have rush it, and avoid Rita’s lasers”. The Rangers proceed to split up while still running towards the altar while Rita kept firing lasers, and complaining “Hold still you Power Pests”.

Eventually the Rangers however were able to reach the weapons, and Kimberly cheered “All right we did it”. Jason agreed then ordered “Back to action”, and the Rangers once again morphed, and teleported back outside the cave.

The Minotaur then charged at the Rangers. But one by one the Rangers weapons then upgraded themselves into more futuristic appearances.

Kimberly, and Trini threw their daggers, and arrows at the Minotaur followed by Billy, and Zack with their lance, an axe, and finally Jason with his sword.

Then their weapons started glowing as Zordon explained “Rangers now is the time to bring your weapons together”. Jason agreed “Let’s do this”. Zack started “Power Axe”, and he threw his axe in cannon mode, followed by Kimberly with “Power Bow”, Billy with “Power Lance”, Trini with “Power Daggers”, and finally Jason with “Power Sword”.

The Rangers then brought their weapons together as the Power Blaster, and aimed it at the Minotaur, and they all shouted “Fire”. Then the Power Blaster fired out a laser which hit the Minotaur causing electricity to surge throughout him, causing him to fall down, and explode.

Back at Rita’s palace she once again hit her minions on their heads with her scepter screaming “Stupid, Lazy, Bunglers, It’s all your fault”.

At Ernie’s gym and juice bar Billy was thanking Trini “I would like to express my gratitude for helping out today”. Kimberly agreed “Yeah it was amazing how you climbed those rocks”. Trini was glad “I guess it’s true. You never know what you can do until you’re forced to”.

While this was going on Zack was sneaking around, and without anyone seeing him he put on a skull mask, and scared Trini making her climb all the way up the rope. And Zack joked “So I guess your fear’s finally over huh?” as he, and the other Rangers just laughed.

The end.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 3

A Pressing Engagement

By Justin Best

It was another day at Ernie's Gym, and Juice Bar, and Kimberly was practicing gymnastics on the balance beam while Jason was bench pressing, and Ernie was counting "993 994". Then Ernie asked "I lost count where we" Jason answered "994", and Ernie counted again from 995.

Kimberly then went over, and cheered "Come on Jason you can do it." Then Kimberly started chewing bubble gum while Jason kept going, and Ernie kept counting "1,008 1,009," but just then Zack started skating in on his skateboard just as Kimberly was blowing a huge bubble.

But Zack lost control of his Skateboard, and went around the gym waving his arms, and eventually crashed into Kimberly not only causing her bubble to burst onto both of them but also caused Jason to drop his weights.

At Rita's Palace Rita was watching, and came up with a new plan. "He's not so tough without his friends" she scoffed. "I'll find a way to separate him from his friends, and send Goldar, and a monster to take care of him". Goldar agreed "Yes your evil one I shall go down, and crush him". FInster was also pleased "Yes that sounds wonderful".

Rita inquired "So Finster do you have a monster?" but for once Finster didn't have an answer "Uh no my queen I'm afraid not". Babboo mocked "Uh oh you shouldn't have said that". But then Finster changed his mind "Wait I do have one. King Sphinx".

Finster explained "He can use his strong winds to blow the other Rangers, and trap them in trees". Squat was exited "and he can do the same to children to lure the Rangers out". Rita was pleased "Yes that's perfect send him down at once" she ordered.

Back at Ernie's Kimberly was once again practicing gymnastics on the balance beam while Jason, and Zack were sitting at a table in the juice bar. Zack said remorsefully "Hey man I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?" he asked. Jason then said "Apology" before pausing for a few seconds, and then smiling "Accepted", and he, and Zack shook hands as Zack cheered "All right".

Then Kimberly came over, and Zack apologized "Hey Kim I just wanted to say I'm do you forgive me?". And Kimberly said "Yeah it's casual". But Jason was still sad "But man I'm still bummed about that bench pressing record. I don't want to be remembered as a quitter". "A quitter?" Zack yelled incredulously but Jason shushed him

Then Bulk, and Skull came over, and Bulk taunted "Hey pinhead heard you choked today" then Bulk went behind Jason, and taunted some more "the bench pressing record is still mine" then he grabbed Jason by his stomach.

Zack yelled "Hey man" but Jason once again shushed him while Bulk kept taunting him. But Jason started tickling Bulk which caused him drop Jason on his own foot "My foot" he cried before bending over, and ripping his pants, and exposing his underwear as he whined "My pants", and he and Skull got out of Ernie's.

"See I told you I could handle it myself" Jason bragged. "No one said you couldn't" Zack replied. Kimberly agreed "Yeah what's wrong with seeking a little help from your friends?" she asked. Jason answered "Nothing unless you're trying to win the bench pressing record".

Meanwhile in Angel Grove a little boy was minding his own business when a grey, and yellow sphinx monster appeared. "This will blow you away" King Sphinx quipped as he flapped his large wings causing hurricane like winds which blew the boy away. Then King Sphinx went all over Angel Grove doing the same to other children.

At Ernie's Jason's communicator started going off "Uh new watch" Zack tried to explain. "Yeah" Kimberly added. Then Zack told Ernie "Put it on my tab" as the Rangers went over to where they thought no one was looking.

"What is it Zordon?" Jason asked. Zordon answered "Rangers you must teleport to the children's theater in Angel Grove park." "What's wrong?" Zack asked. Zordon answered "Rita Repulsa is at it again she's sent down putties, and mysterious monster that blows away children with it's wings to try, and take control of the park". He then added "Go, and let the power protect you.

Jason then told Zack, and Kimberly "It's morphin time you guys". They all shouted "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Tyrannosaurus" as the three landed in the park. Rita then ordered "Now attack" and the Rangers started fighting off Putties.

Rita then ordered "Don't waste your time fighting. Get the others away from Jason". At the fight Kimberly was worried "This is weird. It's like they're after something" she said. "We are" King Sphinx taunted before blowing away Kimberly, and trapping her in a tree.

"What happened to Kim?" Jason asked. Zack was angry "I don't know but I'm gonna find out". "We're not telling" Squat taunted but Zack punched him, and Babboo. Jason told Zack "It wasn't them it was the Sphinx". Rita then screamed "That Jason has had it". Then King Sphinx used his wings to blow Zack away, and trap him in a tree as well.

Jason was angry "That's it bring my friends back" he ordered. "No way" King Sphinx taunted as he used his staff to shoot fireballs at Jason. At the Command Center Alpha was panicking "Aye ye ye Jason in trouble. Rita has him isolated".

Jason then pulled out his Power Sword, and he, and King Sphinx slashed at each other with their weapons. King Sphinx then taunted "Let me show you some real fighting" as he, and Jason then teleported to the forest outside Angel Grove.

Jason could hear the voices of Zack, Kim, and various children screaming for help but all he could see were some trees "What's going on?" he asked. King Sphinx answered mockingly "Glad you asked Ranger. I trapped your friends, and a bunch of kids in these trees".

He then pointed to some signs saying that the trees were marked for cutting down "In just a few hours loggers will come, and your friends, and the brats will be history" "You're the one that's history" Jason taunted as he, and King Sphinx once again fought but this time Goldar appeared, and helped the odds in King Sphinx's favor.

At the Command Center Zordon instructed Alpha "Alpha contact Trini, and Billy, and tell them to go to Jason's location". Alpha agreed "Understood". At Billy's garage Billy, and Trini were working when Billy got a call on his communicator.

"What is it Zordon?" Billy asked. Zordon answered "Jason is in trouble. He, Zack, and Kimberly were fighting Rita's King Sphinx monster when it teleported Zack, and Kimberly away, and teleported Jason to the forest outside Angel Grove, and now Goldar is attacking him as well".

Billy, and Trini were ready. "We're on it". Trini said. "Time for molecular transmutation" Billy called out. They shouted "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger", and teleported to the forest. Jason was glad "Good to see you guys". He then warned however "Be careful though this guy trapped Kimberly, Zack, and a bunch of kids in these trees"

"Don't worry Jason we can handle this clown" Trini assured him. "Affirmative" Billy agreed. Then Billy, and Trini started fighting Goldar, and King Sphinx with Jason as Billy slashed with his Power Lance, and Trini slashed with her Power Daggers.

But King Sphinx was undaunted. He flapped his wings some more, and blew Trini into a tree as well "Trini" Jason cried out. Then he flapped them some more, and trapped Billy in one as well. Then Jason, King Sphinx, and Goldar teleported again this time to a rock quarry outside Angel Grove.

Jason, and King Sphinx once again clashed weapons while Goldar shot fireballs from his sword. King Sphinx then taunted "Let's face it you're nothing without your friends. Why don't just give up" while Rita, and her minions cheered on. Rita then threw her scepter, and yelled "Take this" making Goldar, and King Sphinx grow.

The two monsters then tried to stomp on, and hit Jason with their weapons. Jason was able to get out of the way but he regretfully admitted "Man I wish the other guys were here". While at the Command Center Zordon instructed Alpha "Alpha adjust the Morphing Grid, and lock onto Jason's location.

Alpha pressed some buttons, and the Viewing Globe showed Goldar, and King Sphinx attacking Jason. "Aye ye ye this is hopeless" Alpha screamed. But Zordon assured him "Not yet it isn't try to send Jason the Power Crystals". "Yes the Power Crystals of course".

Then Alpha pressed some buttons, and five crystals appeared. One red, one black, one blue, one yellow, and one pink. Zordon then teleported a satchel, and Alpha put the crystals in the satchel which teleported away in white light. "I shall send them to Jason through his Power Sword".

At the fight Jason was losing. "Oh man this is not looking good" he cried. But then his sword started glowing, and he heard Zordon say "Jason these are your Power Crystals. They will allow you to access power directly from the Morphing Grid, free your friends, and stop King Sphinx, and Goldar".

Then the sword shot out a lightning bolt that hit a cliff side. Goldar, and King Sphinx fired lasers at Jason but he got to the cliff side, and found the satchel "All right the Power Crystals thanks Zordon" then he taunted King Sphinx "Hey ugly I'd like you to meet some of my friends".

Jason then threw the black, blue, yellow, and pink Power Crystals which freed the other Rangers from the trees. Jason then cried out "Now you'll see the true power of friends working together. Dinozord power".

The Dinozords then appeared, and Jason called out "Rangers log on" as he entered his Dinozord followed by Zack with "Zack here ready to rock, and roll", Billy with "Billy here all systems go", Trini with "Trini here ready, and steady", and finally Kimberly with "Let's jinx this Sphinx".

Then the Rangers took out their Power Crystals, and put them in the controls. The Dinozords then combined to form a giant tank. King Sphinx, and Goldar fired lasers at it but the Tank fired lasers of it's own.

But King Sphinx, and Goldar kept coming, and Jason ordered "Begin transformation sequence". Then the tank started standing up as the Triceratops, and the Saber Tooth Tiger became legs, and the cannons of the tank became arms, and the Pterodactyl became a chest plate, and the Tyrannosaurus' head became a humanoid head.

The Megazord then proceed to punch Goldar, and King Sphinx who tried to fight back but the Megazord turned back into a tank, and rammed them. Then transformed back to Megazord mode, and fired lasers but Goldar, and King Sphinx were undaunted.

Zack was annoyed "I'm getting sick of these guys". Then King Sphinx flapped his wings, and Jason called out "Power Sword" just then a giant sword fell from the sky, and landed next to the Megazord. The Megazord then picked it up, and charged it with red energy, and then slashed at King Sphinx.

King Sphinx erupted into sparkles as he fell to the ground, and exploded. Goldar taunted "I'll be back", and teleported away, while at her palace Rita kicked her globe at Squatt, and Babboo, and screamed "I got such a headache".

Back at Ernie's Jason was once again going for the record as his friends were cheering him on "1,094 1,095 1,096 1,097 come on just 3 more" Trini cheered "1,098 1,099 1,100". Then everyone congratulated Jason for beating the Record.

"Thanks for cheering me on guys" Jason said. Then Ernie came in with a cake to celebrate "Happy Birthday Mom?" Jason read incredulously. Ernie explained "Well what do you expect at the last minute this was all they had left".

Then Bulk, and Skull appeared, and Bulk warned "Yeah yeah celebrate now but someday that record will be mine again". Kimberly scoffed "Get a life you two", and Zack pleaded "Yeah man have some cake, and chill".

Bulk then begrudgingly said "All right but I get the first piece" but then He tripped on some weights causing him to fall into the cake as everyone laughed.

The End.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 4

Foul Play in The Sky

Written by Justin Best

It was a nice sunny day at Angel Grove Airport. Kimberly was talking on a payphone. "I know" she said excitedly "My uncle Steve is taking me on a plane ride through the mountains". Then her uncle Steve came over, and pointed at his watch. Kimberly then said "Oh we have to go now as a matter of fact. I know bye" then she hung up the phone, and went with her Uncle Steve.

Meanwhile Bulk, and Skull were sitting on a bench watching planes go by with binoculars. Skull then bragged "You know I've been told I have the mind of a pilot". Bulk asked "And how come?" Skull answered "Because Mr. Caplan called me an airhead".

Then Bulk saw Kimberly with her uncle Steve, and said "Hey Skull look", and Skull replied excitedly "Oh yeah it's Kimberly". While this was going on uncle Steve explained "And then we'll go north, and then we'll fly right over the mountains".

Then Bulk, and Skull came over, and Bulk asked "Hey Kimberly what's up?", and Skull parroted "Yeah what's up?". Kimberly explained "My uncle Steve, and I are going on a plane trip over the mountains". Bulk then asked "Cool can we come", and Skull parroted "Yeah can we come?"

But Kimberly wasn't sure "I don't know you guys it's kind of a small plane, and". Then she turned to uncle Steve who shrugged, and said "If your friends want to come I'm sure we can take them" Bulk, and Skull screamed for joy, and grabbed their backpacks, and Bulk said "Thank You" "Yeah thank you" Skull parroted.

At her palace Rita was watching this, and came up with another plan "So Kimberly's going flying then. Well what goes up I can bring down" She bragged. "Squatt I want you to go down, and slip some sleeping potion in her uncle's soda." She ordered. "Right away your awfulness" Squatt said.

Rita continued "And with one less Ranger I'll send down a monster to take care of the rest". Goldar agreed, and added "Yes, and I know the perfect one the Snizzard". Goldar then explained "He can spit out deadly cobras to drain the Rangers' powers". He further explained "Not only that but he can fire arrows that are laced with seeds from the apple on his head, and make apple trees grow on people's heads".

Babboo added "Then the apples will drain the life force from them as the apples grow, and when the apples are ripe they'll trap the people inside", and Squatt added "Then Babboo, and I will take them, and you can eat them to get their youth, and beauty".

Rita was pleased "Yes that's perfect" "Finster" she ordered. But Finster was right ahead of her "One Snizzard coming up" he said as he activated the monster matic, and out exploded a gold, and green humanoid lizard creature with a bow, and arrow, a golden apple on it's head, and snakes coming out of it's body.

Squatt then teleported down to Earth, and pulled out a vial of green liquid, and poured it into Steve's can as he said "Man this sleeping potion is so potent it's making me sleepy just pouring it". Then when the vial was empty Squatt then teleported before anyone could see him.

Then Bulk tried to get into the plane but he needed help so Bulk had to push him to get him into the plane. Uncle Steve then started drinking his soda, and asked"All right everyone ready?" "Yeah" Kimberly, Bulk, and Skull answered. "Great" he responded.

Steve then talked into the radio "This is 3042 echo requesting permission for takeoff". A man at the watchtower answered back "Rodger 3042 echo you are cleared for takeoff".

Then the plane took off, and started flying over Angel Grove. Skull asked "Hey Bulk are you afraid of flying?" Bulk answered "No I'm afraid of falling". Then uncle Steve pointed out his window, and said "Hey look you guys it's the park". Skull then started looking out of Bulks binoculars.

Bulk then pulled them back, and said "Hey bonehead let me see". Then Steve pointed again, and said "And there's the youth center". Eventually they got to the mountains outside Angel Grove, and looked out at them.

But eventually Steve started to get tired. Kimberly asked "Is something wrong?". Steve replied "Ugh I'm feeling dizzy", and then passed out. "Oh no he's fainted". Bulk, and Skull started screaming, and Kimberly yelled "Could you please be quiet I'm trying to think".

"I think I'm going to faint" was all Bulk could blurt out before passing out. Followed by Skull with "Yeah me too I think" before he passed out as well. Desperate Kimberly reached for her communicator and screamed "Alpha, Zordon, anybody.

Meanwhile in Angel Grove two kids were playing unaware that the Snizzard was watching them. Then Snizzard took out one of his snake like arrows, put it to the apple on his head, and loaded it. Then he fired the arrow, and it sprayed seeds down on the children's heads.

Then trees started sprouting out of their heads as they started screaming in pain, and started aging. Then the Snizzard went all around Angel Grove doing the same to more children. All the while he quipped "You know what they say an apple a day drains your life force away".

At the Command Center Alpha responded Aye ye ye Kimberly I hear you, But where are you" Zordon answered "My scanners indicate that she is currently at an altitude of 5,000 feet, and dropping". Kimberly further added" I'm flying a plane or at least trying to."

Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye if your life is in danger just morph out of there". But Kimberly explained "I can't I have other people here with me."

Then the alarm at the Command Center went off, and the Viewing Globe showed them the images of the Snizzard going around making trees come out children's heads. Alpha once again panicked "Aye ye ye Rita's sent another monster what a terrible time to attack".

Zordon was suspicious "This is no coincidence. Rita wanted to distract us while her monster attacks." Zordon then ordered "Contact the Rangers at once". Alpha complied "Understood I've alerted the Rangers now."

Then Alpha once again contacted Kimberly, and said "Kimberly I will try, and instruct you on how to fly the plane". He then explained "Hold it as steady as you can, and pull the controls towards you". Kimberly followed Alpha's instructions, and the plane started leveling "I did it" she exclaimed "It leveled off"

At the Command Center Zordon showed the other Rangers what was happening with Kimberly. He assured them "Do not panic Rangers. Kimberly is a very bright, and capable girl". He added "And she has already stopped the plane from losing altitude"

He also warned "However her fuel supply is dangerously low, but Alpha is doing everything he can to help her land the plane". Then he showed them images of kids in the hospital, and in the park with trees growing out of their heads.

Zordon then explained "This is why I have summoned you here. Rita has sent her latest monster The Snizzard to attack children in Angel Grove park". Then he showed them an image of Snizzard about to attack more children.

Trini was shocked, and faintly uttered "Oh my goodness". Zack angrily added "Man this is low even for Rita". Jason then said "All right guys let's do this. It's morphing time". Then they shouted "Mastodon" "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus".

The Rangers tried to attack Snizzard with their Blade Blasters in blade mode but they had not effect. Then they tried firing lasers from their Blade Blasters in gun mode but the golden apple on his head reflected the blast at the Rangers.

Trini explained "That apple on his head it reflected our attacks". Then the Rangers tried punching, and kicking the Snizzard but he just punched, kicked, and tail whipped them as he quipped "Now you shall taste MY fire power".

Back on the plane Kimberly was still worried "Alpha I'm headed towards the mountains". Alpha then explained "Just take your controls, and bank 20 degrees to the left. It should take you 45 seconds to complete a 180 turn".

Just then Alpha got a message from Jason telling Alpha "Alpha we're having a hard time defeating Rita's monster we need Kimberly". While the viewing globe showed that some of the kids with apples on their heads were now completely encased in the apples.

Alpha screamed "Aye ye ye". Kimberly screamed "Don't say that Alpha you're scarring me". Alpha apologized "Sorry Kimberly I was talking about the other Rangers". Alpha explained "They're currently in a desperate battle with Rita's Snizzard monter, and they need your help".

Alpha then explained "Right now you need to land the plane as quickly as possible". Kimberly worried "But what about my uncle?". Alpha explained we've sent a message to Angel Grove Airport they will send an ambulance as soon as you land", and Kimberly shouted happily "I think I can see Angel Grove".

Back at the fight Snizzard opened his mouth, and fired snakes at the Rangers Trini grunted "Oh no snakes" followed by Zack with "This is bad", and Billy with "I can't move". Then the Snizzard taunted "Feel my cobras draining your energy".

Jason relunctedly admitted "He's right I'm getting weaker" Then the Snizzard started once again hitting the Rangers leaving them crying in pain as the cobras kept squeezing them, and the snakes' mouths inched closer.

Back on the plane Kimberly said "Alpha I think I see the airport" Alpha exclaimed "Good now try to reduce your speed". He added "Hit the switch to your right marked twaddle". Kimberly did it, and the plane started landing.

She then took the radio, and hailed to the watchtower "This is 3042 Echo. I repeat 3042 requesting permission to land" she then added "Everyone except me is unconscious right now". The watchtower answered "3042 Echo you have permission to land".

Kimberly landed the plane, and congratulated herself "I did it". But she realized she couldn't land stop the plane. But luckily Steve finally woke up, and retook control of the plane saying "Don't worry I've got this one".

As soon as the plane came to a complete stop Kimbery got out, and said "Just make sure our passengers are safe". Steve asked "But Kimberly" Kimberly answered "I'll call you later". Then she ran to where no one could see her, and shouted "Pterodactyl".

The Snizzard was walking up to the Rangers as he placed an arrow up to the apple on his head, and taunted "Now you shall feel the true power of the Zapper Apple". While Trini grunted "You'll never get away with this".

But just as the Snizzard was about to fire his arrow at the Rangers another arrow came, and broke it. Kimberly appeared, and said nobody messes with my friends". Kimberly then used her Blade Blaster to break the snakes, and Jason congratulated "All right Kim". With Trini adding "Yeah I thought we were goners".

But the Snizzard was undaunted. He summoned an army of Puttties, and said "Get them" but Kimberly fought them off with her bow". The Snizzard then whined "Curse your power bow" Then Kimberly aimed her bow at his apple as Jason instructerd her "Kim aim for the apple on his head.

Kimberly agreed "You've got it". She then fired her arrow at the apple destroying it. With the apple destroyed the Snizzard surged with electricity fell down, and exploded. At the hospital, and the park the children were freed from the trees, and their apples.

Back at her palace Rita started throwing balls at Squatt, Babboo, and Finster shouting "You in competent nitwits. I have to do everything myself". Then she put her hands to head, and cried "Ugh now I have a headache".

Back at the airport the ambulance was using smelling salts to revive Bulk, and Skull. The two woke up, and Uncle Steve asked "You guys okay?". But Bulk, and Skull ran screaming back to the youth center. At the youth center Kimberly was telling somebody what happened.

Jason, and Zack were mocking this while Bulk, and Skull came in. But Zack got up just as Angela was getting some drinks, and Zack accidentally bumped into her causing her to spill them all over Bulk, and Skull.

The End.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 5
Switching Places
Written by Justin Best

It was night at Angel Grove, and Squatt was sneaking around Billy's garage laughing. Then Squat said "Oh boy that power source for Billy's new machine has got to be around here somewhere". Then he found the device he was looking for.

Squatt then proceeded to take some power cables, and switched them around as he bragged "I'll just switch these things over here, and when Billy tests his new machine his brain will be scrambled like an omelet".

Then he made sure no one was looking, and said "Those Rangers will be so busy fixing him they won't notice when Rita attacks". And then he proceeded to teleport back out of Billy's garage. Back at Rita's palace Squatt then said cheerfully "Now we can send down a monster"

Rita was excited "I'll have Finster make one right away". Then she saw Goldar, and ordered "Goldar come look it's the chance we've been waiting for". Goldar asked "You mean we can finally destroy those Power Rangers?". Rita answered "Yes", and then ordered "Attack".

The next morning Kimberly was at Billy's house. Kimberly asked "So what was the new project you wanted to show me?". Billy answered I've created a device that will allow direct thought transference" Amazed Kimberly asked "You mean you found a way to read minds?".

Billy humbly confirmed "Affirmative" then he took out a giant machine with two human shaped holes, and three panels on the left, middle, and right of the device. Kimberly was even more impressed saying "Morhpinominal".

While this was happening Bulk, and Skull were secretly watching them. Bulk asked "Did you hear that?". Skull answered "Yeah I think it was a dog". Bulk corrected him "No you numbskull. These geeks have built a machine that can read minds"

He then asked "Could you imagine the possibilities? Well if you had a mind to read". But Skull kept pointing at his shoulder going "Um Bulk". Bulk then asked irritated "Yeah what?" then they saw Billy's dog, and ran for it.

Billy then said "All right I just have to hit the switch and". Then the machine roared to life as electricity surged through Billy, and Kimberly's bodies. When the surge stopped they both got out of the machine, and Kimberly asked "Are you feeling nominal?"

Billy took of his glasses and rubbed his head going "Like I think so". Then Kimberly took Billy's glasses, and put them on, and asked worriedly "Kimberly?" Followed by Billy going "Billy?". Then Kimberly as Billy asked "What's going on?".

Billy as Kimberly tried to explain "The machine must have overcharged, and we have experienced spatial personality displacement". Kimberly as Billy was furious "In English" Billy as Kimberly explained "We switched brains". Then the two started screaming.

At Rita's palace Babboo was fishing. He started singing "Lalala I hope I catch something big". Then Squatt appeared and chided him "Babboo what do you think you're doing?". But Babboo scoffed "I'm fishing, and I'm sure I'm gonna catch the big one".

Then Babboo's hook caught what looked like a lamp, and pulled it to the palace. Goldar came in, and demanded "What are you two numbskulls doing?" Squatt then picked up the lamp, and explained "Babboo over here has been fishing for junk".

Then Babboo rubbed the lamp, and out popped a white mist that took the form of a blue humanoid jackal like creature. The creature then said "I am the genie of Canis 35 your wish is my command".

Squatt was excited "Oh boy a genie". Goldar then ordered "Genie you are to go to Earth, and destroy the Power Rangers". The Genie agreed "Your wish is granted my master".

Back at Billy's garage Bulk, and Skull snuck back in, Bulk then gloated "Come on I saw how it works". The two then got into Billy's machine, and Skull asked "So now what?". Bulk angrily answered "Think of something, and I'm gonna try, and read your mind"

Skull nodded, and then asked "Can I think of Kimberly?" Bulk then replied "Don't tell me I'm going to try, and read your mind". Skull once again nodded, and Bulk activated the a surge of electricity went throught their bodies.

When it was done they got out, and Skull angrily stole Bulks hat. But instead of getting angry Bulk just laughed at him. Then the two of them realized what had happened, and started screaming.

At Angel Grove high Billy as Kimberly was trying to put on makeup, but did a bad job. Then some other girls started laughing, and Billy whined "Well I think make up is over rated anyway", and went to Kim's Home Economics class.

During class Billy explained "The cheese soufflé". Then he got out the ingredients, and a bowl, and put the ingredients in the bowl, and got a mixer, and started mixing the ingredients but Billy got them all over everyone.

Then Billy put the soufflé in the oven, and when it was done Billy excitedly exclaimed "Voila". But then a bubble started forming that got bigger, and bigger until the entire soufflé exploded, and got on everyone in the class causing them to groan "Kimberly".

Meanwhile in Billy's computer class Kimberly as Billy was telling Willy "Now press the key in that corner". But the computer gave an error message, and Kimberly tried to explain "No silly the other corner".

Willy tried it, and got another error message. Willy asked "Are you okay? We can do this some other time". But Kimberly answered "Nah I'll just do this". Then she pushed a button, and the computer started overheating.

Willy screamed "It's gonna explode". Then Willy, and Kimberly ducked under the desk as the computer exploded, and afterwards they got back up, and Kimberly started laughing nervously.

At Rita's palace Goldar ordered "Go in this lamp that way you can get down to Earth undetected". Babboo added "And by the time he does it will be too late". Squatt rubbed the lamp again, and said "Into the lamp with you". Then The Genie once again turned into white mist, and went back into the lamp.

Rita was pleased "All Right now send these two down to Earth at once" "Then Squatt, and Babboo teleported down to Earth, and Babboo ordered "All right did you bring it?" Squatt pulled the lamp out if his satchel, and said yeah I got it".

Then Squatt rubbed the lamp again but then he lost his grip, and dropped it. But the lamp still released the Genie in the form of white mist.

At Angel Grove high Kimberly was screaming "I can't believe it you ruined my hair, you ruined my make up, you ruined my entire life". Billy retorted with "Well I gave you a simple processor tutorial, and you turned all my systems into a synaptic nightmare".

Jason, Zack, and Trini appeared, and, and Zack aske "What's wrong? You guys have never been in each other's faces this much before". Kimberly explained "Billy's invention switched our minds". Billy explained "My device overloaded causing a spatial personality displacement".

Jason was taking this in, and pointed to Kimberly, and said "So if you're Kimberly" then he pointed to Billy, and Kimberly answered "Obviously someone who doesn't know how to put on make up". Trini then asked "Kimberly is that you?" Kimberly answered "Afraid so."

At the Command Center Zordon explained "Alpha my sensors indicate a disturbance in the morphing grid". Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye" I'll summon the Rangers at once". The Rangers teleported in, and Zordon explained "Rangers Rita has sent down a mysterious Genie monster to Angel Grove park"

Jason, and the others accepted. Jason said "All right Zordon we hear you". They all shouted "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus". The Genie started by throwing spears at the Rangers which not only trapped them but caused explosion when they hit the ground.

Then he fired webbing out of his hands which covered the Rangers. Zack asked "What is this?". Jason grunted "I can't move". Babboo gloated you guys are gonna get it now". Then the Genie started throwing the Rangers around telekinetically.

Then the genie turned the webbing into a rope, and pulled out a dagger that fired a green laser at the Rangers. But Jason was able to block it, and it reflected back at the lamp knocking it out of Babboo's hands.

The lamp was thrown so far no one knew where it went. The Genie disappeared along with the rope freeing the Rangers. "What was that?" was all Jason could ask. While Babboo chided Squatt "Now look what you did you blunderhead". And they both teleported off.

At the Command Center Zordon ordered "Alpha contact the Rangers, and tell them to return to the Command Center". Alpha agreed "Understood", and he hit a button on the console. The Rangers teleported in, and Jason asked "What's wrong Zordon?".

Zordon explained "My sensors indicate that the lamp is somewhere in Angel Grove". He further explained "You must try to find it before Rita's minions or worse a random civilian finds it" Jason agreed "We're on it Zordon". Then the Rangers teleported off.

While at Ernie's Bulk as Skull was eating a huge sandwich while Skull as Bulk was watching. Bulk angrily said "I'm going to get that geek, and force him to fix us". Then he interrupted himself to add "Right after my spaghetti, and meatballs". Skull parroted "Yeah spaghetti, and meatballs", and proceeded to laugh hysterically.

Meanwhile somewhere in Angel Grove park two boys one on a skateboard, the other on bike appeared, and found the lamp. The boy who was seemingly the oldest asked "Hey Bobby what do you think it is?" Bobby answered "It looks like some kind of lamp".

Jimmy suggested "Hey let's show it to everyone". Bobby agreed "Yeah that would be cool". The two boys went to a club house where there was a group of kids. Two geeky looking African American children one male, and one female.

An Asian American girl with a baseball hat. A white boy holding a cat, and another boy who was eating a candy bar. Bobby, and Jimmy appeared, and Jimmy shouted joyfully "Hey guys check this out". Bobby added "Yeah we found a lamp".

The kid with the candy bar looked at it, and asked excitedly "Wow does it work?". Jimmy shrugged "I don't know Carl". Then Jimmy rubbed the lamp, and the Genie came out, and said "Your wish is my command".

All the kids gasped, and Carl made his first wish "I wish for all the burgers, pizza, and tacos I can eat" he shouted joyfully. The genie simply said "Granted", and snapped his fingers. Then a puff of smoke came, and when it disappeared there was a pile of pizza, burgers, and tacos around Carl.

Carl cried tears of joy, and said "This is the happiest day of my life". Jimmy said "All right who's next how about Sandy, and Burt?" the two geeky kids went up to the genie, and Sandy said "I want every video game ever made".

Burt chimed in "I want every comic book ever made". The genie said "Granted", and with another smoke cloud Sandy was standing in a pile of video games, and Burt was standing in a pile of comic books.

"Who's next? How about Cassie?" Bobby said. The girl in the baseball cap said "I want a magic carpet". "Done" the Genie said, and he made a carpet appear, and when Cassie got on it it started floating, and started flying Cassie all over Angel Grove.

"Now Mark" Jimmy said. The boy with the cat said "I want every animal for a pet" once again the Genie said "Done", and with another puff of smoke Mark was surrounded with various animals. How about you Jimmy?"

Jimmy gave it some thought, and said "I want to surf the biggest wave ever" "Granted" the Genie said, and in a puff of smoke Jimmy was in Hawaii surfing a huge wave, and screaming happily at the top of his lungs.

Now it was Bobby's turn. The Genie asked "What do you want Bobby?". Bobby thought about but couldn't think of anything. "I don't know" he shrugged "I'll have to think about it".

At the Command Center the Rangers were watching the Viewing Globe when it showed an image of Cassie on the flying carpet. Trini was the first to ask "Guys what's that?". Zack answered dumbfounded "It looks like some girl on a flying carpet.

Jason knew what it was "It's the Genie that girl must have it". The other Rangers nodded, and they all grabbed their morphers, and Jason said "Back to action", and the Rangers teleported off. While Cassie went back to the Clubhouse.

Cassie got off the magic carpet, and yelled happily "That was awesome". The other kids were still happy with their wishes, and Sandy agreed "Yeah Genie your're the best". Just then the Power Rangers teleported in.

"Oh no" they gasped. Cassie then closed up the lamp, and the Genie turned back into mist, and went back in. Jason asked "Did you kids see a lamp with a genie in it?" The kids tried to lie by saying "Nope", Na ah", and "I haven't seen it".

But the Rangers weren't convinced. Trini explained "Please tell us the truth. That genie is not a toy" "Yeah" Zack agreed "You kids could wish for something, and something bad could happen". Billy added "Or somebody like Rita could find out, and take him.

But the Kids stood their ground. Cassie said "But the genie's our friend". Burt agreed "Yeah we're not giving him away like that". Just then Squat, Babboo, Goldar, and an army of Putties appeared. Jason shouted "Kids get out of here we'll take them".

The Kids nodded, and got away while the Rangers fought off Goldar, and the Putties. Squatt, and Babboo started chasing after the kids. Babboo threatened "All right brats give us the lamp, and nobody loses a kidney".

But then the Genie appeared, and punched out Squatt, and Babbo. Then he turned them into balloons before quipping "Sorry but you guys are full of hot air". Babboo whined "This stinks this is your fault". Squatt fired back "You're the one who found that stupid lamp".

Just then Rita herself appeared, and taunted "You all want to do this the hard way fine". Then she fired lasers at the Rangers. Then she made the lamp levitate, and shattered it. Then she taunted "Now the Genie is worthless" before lauhing maniacally, and teleporting off.

The Genie was despondent. "What's wrong?" Sandy asked worriedly. The Genie answered sadly "I either have to repair my old lamp or find a new one within 24 Earth hours or I disappear forever" "Oh no" the children all gasped"

Mark asked "What can we do?". The Genie answered "We can try to find all the pieces of my old lamp, and fix it". But he warned "However that could take forever". Billy had an idea "What if we all split up, and looked within the radius of where it shattered".

"That's brilliant" Kimberly said. Jason agreed "All right Jimmy, and Bobby come with me". Then he pointed to Zack, and said "Black you take Sandy, and Burt" Zack agreed "On it". Then he pointed at Kimberly "Blue you take Cassie"

"Totally". "Trini you take Carl" "You got it" she replied", and Pink you have Mark "Affirmative" he replied.

The Rangers, and the kids along with the Genie went around looking for the pieces. It took forever but slowly but surely found them. Jason said "All right Alpha we found a piece" Alpha responded "All right Jason I'll teleport it here right now".

Eventually they found all the pieces. Zordon then told them "All right Rangers we found all the pieces now Alpha, and I will use the Molecular Reassembler to restore the lamp". He warned "However it might take us a few minutes".

The Kids, and the Genie cheered nonetheless. But just as they were celebrating Rita appeared again this time carrying a red lamp. "Genie I got you a new lamp" she said. "Now you have to work for me" she ordered.

The Genie turned back into mist, and went into Rita's lamp. Rita then ordered "Genie destroy them". The Genie came out of the lamp only now he had sharp fangs, and red circles on his eyes, and he roared at the Rangers, and children.

Jason called out "We need Dinozord power now". Then the Dinozords appeared, and the Rangers got inside. Jason said "All right log on". Zack replied "Zack here kicking" followed by "Kimberly here I mean Billy I mean", "Trini here ready to rock", and finally "Billy here all systems online".

Jason called out "We need Megazord power". Then the Zords all combined into the Dinosaur tank. Jason called out again "Switching to battle mode". Then the Dino Tank transformed into the Megazord. The Genie then materialized some strange drill like weapon, and started punching, kicking, and stabbing the Megazord.

The Genie then threw some more webbing at the Megazord which exploded. Rita laughed, and cheered "Yes you're doing it get them". While the children could only gasp "Oh no". Zack warned "He's overloading our power supply.

Jason asked "Billy can you do something?" Billy answered "I can reboot the synchros" Jason agreed "Good". He then ordered "Kimberly, Trini you help him". "Right" they agreed.

At the Command Center Alpha was hitting some switches.
Zordon asked "Alpha how much longer until the lamp is finished" Alpha answered "Just a few more seconds".

At the battle the Genie was about to destroy the Megazord. "We're finished" Zack screamed. Just then the lamp reassembled, and Alpha cheered "Yay we did it", and the lamp teleported out.

The Genie once again turned into mist, and went back into his original lamp. Rita screamed in defeat "Ahh now I have a headache again". Then Rita teleported out.

The kids then hugged the Genie, and said things like "Yay you're back".
The Genie was happy. "Thank you my friends, and thanks to the Rangers for bringing me back to normal". Billy shrugged "Eh we had a little help from the kids, and Alpha".

Then the Genie went to Bobby, and asked. "So Bobby have you thought of what you want?" Bobby gave it some thought but after a while he smiled, and nodded. "Genie I wish for you to be free".

The Genie, the other children, and the Rangers were surprised. The Genie asked "Are you sure Bobby?" Bobby answered "Yeah having things is fun but friends are better, and I don't want anyone like Rita getting their hands on you again".

Jason nodded "You did the right thing Bobby". Just then the lamp disappeared forever, and the Genie gladly said "Well kids, well Rangers I'm going back to Canis 35 but maybe someday I'll be back". He then added "And when I do maybe everyone's wishes will come true". The Kids, and the Rangers waved good bye as the Genie disappeared again.

Back at Billy's garage Zack was congratulating Alpha on his communicator "Yo Alpha man thanks for fixing the lamp. That Genie almost had us". Alpha humbly replied "It ain't nothing home boys, and home girls".

Billy had just about fixed the machine, and he, and Kimberly got back in. Kimberly asked "Are you certain it will work?" Billy answered "In science nothing is certain" Then Billy said "Flip the switch". Kimberly flipped it, and once again electricity surged through them.

When it was done Jason asked "Did it work?". Followed by Trini with "Are you back to normal?" Billy took his glasses back, and answered "I believe my synaptic neurons are functional again". Kimberly added "And I'm me again too."

Then Bulk, and Skull came in, and Bulk demanded "Hey can turn us back to normal?". Skull parroted "Yeah normal". Zack was skeptical "I don't know maybe this will teach them a lesson". Trini agreed "Like not to mess with other people's property".

But Billy relented, and begrudgingly said "All right". Then Bulk, and Skull got back in the machine, and after they went through the surge they got out, and Bulk took back his hat, and asked "Did it work?". Skull parroted "Yeah did it work?"

Then they realized it did, and started cheering "Yeah we're back". Then Skull put his arm around Billy, and asked "So Billy can I borrow your brain for my next math test?". But Billy took it off, and scoffed "I guess some people just never learn".

The End.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 6

Green with Evil part 1

Written by Justin Best.

It was the day of the intercity martial arts expo. Jason was about to fight his next opponent, and his friends were cheering him on. Zack advised "Okay remember to think positive you can do this". Trini added "And remember to focus your body as well as your mind".

Just then the announcer said "Up next reigning Angel Grove champion Jason Scott vs reigning Crossworld City champion Tommy Oliver". Then a young brunette man wearing green workout clothes appeared.

Zack cheered "All right bud now get him". Jason went up to Tommy, and shook his hand saying here's to a good fight. Tommy grinned, and said "You too dude". Then the Announcer declared "Round One" Ready Fight".

Jason backfliped while Tommy did roundhouse kicks but Jason was able to get a kick in. The judge ruled "One point Angel Grove". Then Jason tried to kick Tommy but Tommy kept dodging, and landed a scissor kick.

The Judge ruled "One point Crossworld City". Then Tommy kicked at Jason who tried to get out of the way but Tommy downed him, and landed a punch. The judge ruled "One point Crossworld City". Then Jason started punching, and kicking, and landed a kick. The judge ruled "One point Angel Grove".

Now was the tie breaker. Jason, and Tommy started punching, and kicking each other. But both challengers kept dodging the others blows. Eventually however the time ran out. The judge ruled "Match ends in a draw no winner".

After the match Jason, and Tommy once again shook hands, and Jason said "That was good you almost had me there". Tommmy begrudgingly admitted "Yeah you too.", and Jason went to his friends. Trini cheered "That was awesome".

Jason was a little surprised "But I didn't win". Trini explained "It's not about whether you win or lose it's the honor, and dignity in which you compete that matters" Jason nodded "Yeah you're right". Jason was confused though. "There's just one thing I'm curious about". Jason said.

Zack asked curiously "What's that?". Jason answered with another question "Did that guy seem the least bit familiar?" Billy answered "They did say he was from Crossworld City isn't that where your cousin Kaitlin, and Trini's uncle Tao live?".

Jason gave it some thought, and shrugged "Maybe this Tommy guy trained at his dojo". He changed the subject "All right guys I gotta hit the showers but I'll meet you guys later" Trini said "Bye", and Zack said "See you later man", and everyone left except Kimberly who just stared at Tommy who was still practicing.

Meanwhile at her palace Rita was casting a spell "Shugorathana Shukoumbi Shurabaki". Rita's minions were watching nervously. She continued "Oh ancient spirits of evil that dwell within Earth, and Space please give me a vision of the means to destroy the Power Rangers".

Just then the skull on Rita's altar started glowing in every color imaginable. Then the light focused into the eye holes of the Skull, and the Skull fired the light into Rita's crystal ball. Rita beamed excitedly, and all she could say was "Yes. Yes. Finally".

Her minions surrounded her. Squatt asked "Ooh ooh what is it your highness?" Rita simply snapped "Shut up for more than five seconds, and I'll show you". She then showed them all the vision in the crystal ball.

Somewhere in a far off place either another planet, or Earth in another dimension. There was a forest, A forest filled with plant, and animal life far larger than it would be on Earth. A forest where all sorts of magical beings lived.

In the forest was a village, and in the village was a race of tiny people dressed in medieval style clothing doing all sorts of jobs. Somewhere in the village was a man in green clothes who was helping other men, and women farming.

The man stopped to look at a miniature sun dial he had in his pocket. The man said dumbfounded "Aye I can't believe that when this day is done. The coin of green will choose it's one". The man became worried, and said "I hope my son has listened well, or today might be the dawn of hell"

Elsewhere in the village a little boy wearing blue, and yellow medieval style clothes was rummaging through his hut turning over everything, opening all the counters, and drawers, and even looking through the straw of his hut.

"Oh man oh man where did Father hid that blasted thing" the Boy whined. He started looking in his father's room but after what seemed like forever the boy just threw his arms on the ground, and shouted "Darn it".

But when he hit the floor he felt something, and when he looked around he saw a hidden door. When he opened the door he saw a glowing green light, and when it dissipated the boy saw a small coin with the image of a creature that resembled a Tyrannosaurus with spikes on it's back, and horns on it's head.

The boy's eyes were lit. "I found it" he cried. Then the boy tried to remember something "Now what was that?" then he remembered, and said "Oh coin of green the time has come. To show to me your chosen one".

Then the coin started spinning at impossible speeds building green electricity until the electricity created a giant ball. In the ball was a fuzzy image but the image became clearer, and clearer until the boy could make out who it was.

But unbeknownst to the boy someone else was watching. For Rita was seeing this exact same image in her crystal ball. Rita smiled evilly, and gloated "That boy has no idea what he's doing". She added "When that boy does what I think he's going to do I'll destroy the Power Rangers once and for all".

At the hut the image faded, and the coin slowed down to a complete stop. The coin then built up more green electricity, and teleported out of the hut. The boy saw this, and said "Oh boy I've got to find them, and tell them the good news", and the boy teleported off into blue energy.

At Angel Grove high Kimberly was at her locker when Bulk, and Skull went up to her. Skull flexed his muscles, and said "Hey babe want a real strong man to carry your stuff for you?". Kimberly scoffed "Dream on Skull".

Bulk angrily retorted "I don't think you heard us" he then added "Maybe we oughtta teach you a lesson". Just then a voice from behind them said "I don't think you heard her". They turned around, and saw Tommy.

Tommy said "She said leave her alone". Bulk scoffed "Hey Skull I thing he needs a lesson too". Then Tommy did a bunch of phantom punches, and kicks. When he was done Bulk whimpered "Maybe we'll teach you that lesson some other time", and the two of them ran off.

Kimberly said "Hey thanks for getting rid of them". Tommy just shrugged, and said "Aww it was nothing". Kimberly introduced herself "My name's Kimberly, Kimberly Ann Heart" Tommy replied "Tommy, Tommy Oliver".

Kimberly replied "Yeah I saw at the martial arts match with my friend Jason". Tommy was astounded, and asked "You mean Jason Scott?" Kimberly said "Yeah why?". Tommy answered "My friend Kaitlin has a cousin named Jason".

Tommy further explained "He, and his friends used to visit us all the time in Crossworld City". Kimberly then realized something "Oh yeah I remember now we used to see you guys once or twice a year". Tommy smiled, and asked "So how's everyone".

Kimberly answered "As a matter of fact I was going to meet them later". Kimberly then asked "Want to come over to Juice Bar later you know just to hang out". Tommy smiled, and said "Yeah that would be perfect".

Kimberly looked at her watch, and said "Ooh I got to go catch you later" Tommy replied "Later", and with that Kimberly went off. Tommy went off, and said to himself "Wow that was cool. I just hope everyone else remembers".

Meanwhile in the magical village Quagmire had just come home from farming. He said "Aye you'll be glad to know my son that my day of work has just been done". But when he saw the house instead of his usual rhymes all he could say was just endless "No no no no no".

Quagmire looked around shouting "Nemo, Nemo, Nemo". He then looked in his room, and saw what had happened. All the color left his face as he said "What I feared has come true, and there's one thing I must do".

Quagmire then looked in a chest in his room, and out of it he pulled a green staff with a crecent shaped object at the end. Quagmire then said "But I alone can't get this done. I need my friends Alpha and Zordon". And with that he teleported out in green energy.

At the Command Center Alpha was whining "But do I have to". Zordon explained "It is imperative that you deactivate when I recharge the Morphing Grid". Just then Quagmire teleported in, and Zordon's eyes widened, and Alpha's optical sensors glowed.

Zordon asked "Quagmire I haven't seen you in 10,000,000 years is something wrong". Quagmire solemnly answered "I'm afraid to say, and this I mean. We have a ourselves a code of green". Alpha gasped "Code Green. Are you sure?"

Quagmire solemnly answered "Aye that much is true. So you two know what we must do". Zordon, and Alpha nodded. Zordon asked "Do you have the key?". Quagmire answered "Right on me" as he pulled out a purple crystal,

Zordon said "Good". He then ordered "Now for you Alpha". Alpha complied "Understood", and pulled out a tray from his own body which contained a similar crystal. Then Alpha pushed a button on the console, and a lock with two crystal shaped holes came out.

Quagmire asked "Ready?". Alpha answered "As I'll ever be". The two of them put the crystals into the lock, and turned them. Zordon closed his eyes as the energy in his tube surged around the image of his face until light filled the entire Command Center.

When the light cleared a middle aged Asian looking man in a white robe carrying a gold spiral shaped scepter stood right in front of Alpha, and Quagmire. For the first time in 10,000,000 years Zordon once again stood on Earth.

The first thing Zordon did was explain "Now as you two know I can only stay out of my time warp for 24 Earth hours. After which all my years in the time warp will catch up to me, and I will age to dust". The two nodded.

Alpha replied "But Zordon don't forget if you get hurt we will have to put you back right away". Zordon nodded "I know the risk but desperate times call for desperate measures". Zordon then ordered "Alpha contact the Rangers at once, and tell them to meet me, and Quagmire at our location while me, and Quagmire try to stop Nemo. Alpha complied "Understood". Zordon, and Quagmire then teleported out.

Meanwhile somewhere in Angel Grove Tommy was walking outside minding his own business when a green flash of light flew from the sky like a meteor, and landed in a nearby alley. All Tommy could say was "Woah".

Tommy then looked to where it landed, and saw a golden coin with the picture of a dinosaur like creature engraved radiating green energy. Tommy picked up the coin, and it radiated green electricity but the electricity didn't hurt Tommy in fact he seemed to feel powerful with it.

Tommy asked "Wow what is this? Some kind of magic medallion?". Just then Nemo teleported behind him, and said cheerfully "Greetings Green Ranger". Tommy then turned around, and was shocked. He then said "Oh high kid".

Tommy then remembered what Nemo said, and replied "Hey kid did you just call me Green Ranger?". Nemo answered "Aye that I did because you're the Green Power Ranger". Tommy was confused because not only was he not a Power Ranger but last time he checked there wasn't even a Green Ranger.

Tommy explained "I think you've got it wrong I'm Tommy Oliver I'm just a regular high school kid". But Nemo was undaunted he took the coin, and flipped it causing it to once again show the image of Tommy from earlier.

Tommy said "Unreal". Nemo explained as the coin showed more messages "Once upon a time there were six tribes. Five worshipped Dinosaurs but there was also a sixth tribe that worshipped Dragons". Tommy gasped "No way".

Nemo further explained "A kind, and wise wizard from Eltar named Zordon came to your planet to recruit the five bravest, wisest, and most powerful warriors from each tribe, and none were more powerful than the Green Ranger".

Nemo showed an image of a Green Power Ranger with a dragon themed helmet, a gold shield on his chest, and gold arm bands. He explained "The Green Ranger had all sorts of power he had a magic dagger called the Dragon Dagger a powerful weapon that was virtually unbeatable.

Tommy was still impressed. Nemo then showed him more images of the Green Ranger's Powers, and weapons. Nemo then showed him an image of the Green Ranger playing the Dragon Dagger as a flute. He explained "Not only that but it could be used to summon the Green Ranger's most powerful weapon".

Then the image of a giant green mechanical dragon like creature rising from the sea appeared. Nemo explained "The mighty Dragonzord". He continued "A powerful creature armed with an indestructible drill tail".

He further explained "Not only that but a seemingly endless arsenal of missiles" Tommy said "Far out". Nemo also said "It could also combine with the Zords of other Rangers such as the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger to become the Dragon Battlezord".

"And it could combine with the Megazord to become the Mega Dragonzord a powerful robot knight that could destroy all of Rita's monsters". Tommy was convinced. When Nemo stopped showing him the images the coin stopped moving. Tommy picked it back up, and asked "So what do I do now?", and the two teleported off.

At Billy's Garage Billy, Zack, and Jason were washing Billy's Volkswagen beetle. Zack bragged "Man Billy you're RADBUG's gonna look stylin after Zack's wax" Jason laughed, and said Zack's wax?". Then Kimberly came over asked "Hey what are you guys doing?"

Billy explained "Jason, and Zack are helping me wash my latest invention the RADBUG". Kimberly was confused "RADBUG?" she asked. Billy explained "Remote Activated Drivingzord for Basic Ultra Geomorphology".

Kimberly asked "What's it do?". Billy explained "It's supposed to help cross long distances like to the Command Center in case the Teleportation Grid is down, or if our communicators don't have the coordinates".

Kimberly was impressed "Morphinominal". Jason asked "So what's up with you?" Kimberly answered "Well you know that new guy Tommy from Crossworld City that we saw at the Expo?". Jason said "Oh yeah that guy". Kimberly explained "Well I know why he seemed familiar he's the same Tommy that's friends with your cousin Kaitlin, and lives with Trini's uncle Tao".

Zack was shocked "No way that Tommy? Man we haven't seen that guy in years". Kimberly explained "Well he said he wants to meet us at the Juice Bar". Jason shrugged and said "It would be nice to see how things have been doing since we last saw him".

Just then their communicators started beeping. Jason got to his communicator, and asked "Zordon, Alpha what is it". Alpha frantically explained "Rangers no time to explain but this is of the utmost importance".

Alpha continued "I'm going to feed you the coordinates now, and when I do teleport to that exact spot". He then said "Hurry this is an emergency". Jason shook his head, and said "You heard him". The other Rangers nodded, and they all teleported out.

Somewhere in another forest near an ocean there was a cave. A cave that had been abandoned for over 10,000,000 years. That was until today. Tommy, and Nemo then teleported near the cave. Nemo explained "All right Mr. Tommy you just have to go into that cave, and clear the challenge, and you'll become the new Green Ranger".

Tommy nodded "Got it", and was about to enter the cave when all of a sudden Zordon, and Quagmire teleported in. "Not so fast" Zordon said. Tommy was confused until he recognized Zordon from the images the coin showed.

Tommy called out "Hey you're that Zordon guy". Then he saw Quagmire, and asked "And who's that guy?". Quagmire answered "Quagmire's the name, and stopping you is our game". Nemo called out "But father why don't you want Tommy to become the Green Ranger".

Nemo pleaded "Please father with his help the Power Rangers will destroy Rita, and her minions forever, and Earth, and all the planets of the universe will finally be at peace". Quagmire retorted "Son you know not the danger of making this young man a Ranger".

Tommy was shocked by this "Father? Son? Listen man your son gave me the coin". He then offered "Now I'll either give you the coin, and you guys can give it to somebody else, or I keep it, and go in that cave but either way you're putting those wands down".

Just then the Rangers teleported in. The Rangers were shocked they tried to take in what was happening. Zack blurted "Is that Zordon?". Followed by Trini with "Is that Quagmire?", and Kimberly with "Is that Tommy?", and Billy asking "Who's that?".

Quagmire explained "Just so you know that boy's my son Nemo". Jason was still trying to take this all in "Wait wait wait". He said "What's going on?" Tommy tried to explain "This kid gave me a coin, and said I was a Power Ranger but his dad, and the Power Rangers' boss said no".

Zordon said "Rangers you must help us stop Tommy from getting to the cave, and becoming The Green Ranger you have no idea what will happen if he does". The Rangers were still confused. Zack said "Wait Tommy's a Power Ranger? Quagmire has a kid? Zordon knows him, and can get out of his time warp?"

Zack then asked "Zordon is their something you're not telling us". Zordon laid his head done, and remorsefully said "Rangers there are things about the past that must remain buried". Trini retorted "But Zordon".

Just then Squatt, Babboo, Goldar, and an army of putties appeared. Squatt cried out "All right that shrimp found the new Green Ranger". Babboo said "Now we can destroy the Rangers once and for all". Goldar ordered "Attack".

Kimberly cried out "Great now Rita, and her goons". Zordon ordered Rangers stop Goldar, and the Putties while me, and Quagmire try to stop Tommy, and Nemo". The Rangers weren't sure what was going on but they knew they had to stop the Putties, and Goldar.

They all called out "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus". The Rangers then proceeded to fight off the Putties. Tommy, and Nemo took advantage of the surrounding chaos, and ran to the cave.

Zordon, and Quagmire fired laser bolts from their scepters at the area around Tommy, and Nemo. However, the two were able to out run them, and enter the cave. Rita then teleported down, and said "Playtime's over.

She threw her scepter, and said "Magic wand make my Goldar grow". A chasm opened up in the Earth, and Goldar grew into a giant. Goldar then started attacking the mountain with his sword causing a rockslide.

One of the rocks hit Zordon, and Quagmire went to help him. Quagmire cleared the rocks, and gave Zordon his purple crystal saying "I'm sorry to say my friend your time in this fight is at an end". Zordon nodded, and teleported off.

In the Command Center Zordon stumbled as Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye Zordon you're hurt" Then Alpha took the purple crystal from Zordon, and put the two crystals back into the lock, and returned Zordon to his time warp.

The Rangers saw what was happening. Jason called out "We need Dinozord power now". The Dinozords appeared, and the Rangers got in. Jason said "Rangers log on". Followed by "Zack here ready to rock" "Billy here systems nominal". "Trini here ready, and steady", and "Let's gouge this griffin".

The Dinzords became the Dino Tank, and later the Megazord. The Megazord, and Goldar clashed weapons. Then Goldar did a jump kick at the Megazord but the Rangers were undaunted, and just kept punching, and slashing at Goldar.

Meanwhile in the cave Tommy got to a door. The two were excited, and Nemo explained "All right Tommy you just have to go in there, and you'll become the Green Ranger". Tommy gladly said "All right I'll complete this challenge, and Ill prove myself to Zordon, and your father".

Tommy entered the room, and saw a Power Morpher laying on pedestal next to a strange looking sword, and the remains of an old knight. Tommy said "Woah there it is". But when he went up to the pedestal the entire room caught fire, and the skeleton of the old knight fired lasers from it's eyes at Tommy.

Tommy cried out "Woah". Then he jumped over the fire got the Morpher, and as quickly as he can he put the coin into the Morpher, and said solemnly "Guess it's now or never". He put the Morpher out in front of him, and called out "Dragon".

Green energy came out of the Morpher, and covered Tommy. The energy solidified forming a green spandex suit with a dragon themed helmet, a gold shield, and gold arm bands. Tommy was excited "All right time to scrap this skeleton".

Tommy, and the skeleton knight fought each other with Tommy punching, and kicking it while it tried to slash, and stab Tommy, and block his attacks with it's shield. Tommy was overwhelmed until he remembered the sword.

Tommy realized "Hey that must be my Power Weapon", and pulled it out. Tommy then slashed the skeleton knight, and destroyed it. Then the cave shook from the fight outside. Tommy said "That took care of that creep now to help my friends".

But just as Tommy was getting ready to leave the sword started glowing in some weird purple electricity. The purple electricity shot out, and entered Tommy causing him to scream in pain. Rita appeared, and said "The time has come my evil Green Ranger. You know what to do" she ordered.

The electricity cleared, and Tommy started laughing evily, and said menacingly "I do my queen". Rita then ordered "Now go". Nemo went up to Tommy, and happily said "Tommy you did it now you can". But Tommy interrupted, and said angrily "Beat it shrimp", and pushed Nemo all the way out of the cave.

The Rangers were still fighting Goldar, and losing. Jason begrudgingly said "Man hope Tommy found his powers". Then Tommy appeared out of the cave. The Rangers were impressed. Zack asked "Woah is that Tommy?". Kimberly cheered "All right".

Tommy jumped into the cockpit of the Megazord, and the Rangers went to greet him but when he showed up he called out "Long live Empress Rita", and proceed to not only beat up the rangers but trashed the Megazord's cockpit.

The Rangers fell out of the Megazord, and Jason called out "Tommy what's wrong?". Tommy proceeded to punch, and kick Zack, then he put Billy, and Trini in head locks, and threw them. Then he punched, and kicked Kimberly.

Jason called out "If you mess with my friends you mess with me". Tommy coldly replied "With pleasure then threw his own Blade Blaster at Jason, and charged up a dark energy ball, and fired it at the Rangers. With the Rangers crying in pain Tommy menacingly cheered "Now to take care of Zordon".

At the Command Center Tommy teleported in, and snuck up behind Alpha, and inserted a CD into his data banks that caused him to go haywire. Zordon gasped "Oh no Tommy". Tommy gloated "Yeah it's me".

Zordon cried out "Tommy you don't know what you're doing Rita has cast a spell on you". Zordon pleaded "Please Tommy let me help". Tommy retorted "No I know exactly what I'm doing. It's you who needs help".

Tommy then proceeded to trash the Command Center as all Zordon could do was cry out "No Tommy Noooo". Tommy laughed evilly "See you later old man". Then Tommy continued to laugh evilly as Zordon disappeared from the pillar screaming "Nooo".

Back at the forest the Rangers were still hurt. Zack quipped "Did any one get the license plate of that energy ball". Just then they heard Nemo crying, and Jason said "Hey it's Nemo". The Rangers ran to where they heard the crying, and found Quagmire trying to comfort Nemo".

Billy asked "What happened?". Quagmire answered "Tommy fell for Rita's curse, And things I fear will just get worse". Trini said "We've got to get to the Command Center now". Jason agreed, and went to his communicator.

"Alpha" he called out "Alpha. No response". The Rangers gasped, and Billy said "There's only one thing we can do". "What's that?" Zack asked "The RADBUG" Billy answered "That's brilliant" Trini said. The Rangers, and Quagmire then ran off to Billy's garage.

To be continued.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 7

Green with Evil Part 2

Written by Justin Best.

The Rangers got back to Billy's garage. They got into the RADBUG, and it took them to the Command Center. Quagmire, and Nemo then teleported in as well. The Rangers, and Quagmire gasped at the absolute destruction they saw.

Zack exclaimed "Man Tommy trashed the place. Then they saw that Alpha was crying in a distorted manner "Power Rangers Power Rangers I need help" over, and over again. Billy explained "Tommy must have downloaded a virus into his databanks".

Billy pushed a button on Alpha that caused the CD to dislodge from him. Then Billy pressed another button on Alpha, and Alpha proceeded to reboot. Alpha then cheerfully exclaimed "Rangers thank goodness you're okay".

Zack asked "So what happened how come Tommy attacked us?", and Kimberly asked "And what happened to Zordon?". Alpha lowered his head, and said "Rangers I'm sorry to say this but when Tommy trashed the Command Center he also banished Zordon back to his time warp without any way to reach him".

Trini gasped "Oh no". Alpha further explained "As for Tommy well you see a long time ago the original Green Ranger turned to evil, and started working with Rita to destroy the other Rangers". He continued "Eventually he became just as if not more powerful, and evil than Rita herself".

Billy asked "What happened?" Alpha explained "Eventually the other Rangers were able to defeat him, and he disappeared." He continued "But before that happened he, and Rita cast a spell on the Green Ranger powers so that whoever became the new Green Ranger would be just as evil as the old one".

Quagmire explained "Zordon asked me to hide them well. Lest another soul fall to the spell". Jason asked "So how do we help Tommy?". Alpha, and Quagmire shrugged, and Alpha said "We're not sure our best guess is either destroy the Green Ranger powers or Tommy himself".

Kimberly asked "Are you sure?". Alpha explained "I'm afraid so everyone". Jason said "Well if that's what we have to do to free him we have to". But Kimberly asked "Are you sure we can't just reason with him?"

Alpha explained "I'm afraid that's impossible". He continued "Tommy's still inside there but for lack of a better term Rita's shut him off mentally, and put the old Green Rangers memories in there". The Rangers gasped at this.

Meanwhile somewhere in Angel Grove Tommy teleported back to where Nemo found him unmorphed. Rita then appeared, and said "Tommy you are to remain on Earth until further notice". She added "Remember to keep your identity as the Green Ranger a secret".

Tommy nodded, and said "Whatever pleases my Empress". Rita then said "And you know what I'll give you in return". Tommy nodded, and said "I'll take my place as the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, and the ruler of the Earth alongside you".

Rita nodded, and cheered "Good I'll contact you when I need you to destroy the Rangers". Tommy nodded again, and walked off but then he saw Bulk, and Skull in front him. Skull said "Hey it's that guy who made us look bad in front of Kimberly."

Bulk, and Skull got up into Tommy's face, and Bulk demanded "Hey new kid I think you owe me an apology". Skull said "Yeah say you're sorry". Tommy just stood there, and didn't say anything. But Bulk just got angrier. He demanded "We said say you're sorry".

Tommy's eyes started glowing green, and Bulk, and Skull started freaking out. Then Tommy did a single push, and knocked Bulk, and Skull into a nearby garbage can. Then he shot green electricity at them that caused them to cry in pain.

Then Tommy went up to them, and menacingly said "All right I'm sorry". He then gave a cruel smile, and said "I'm sorry I have to exist on the same planet as you filth". And with that Tommy walked off as Skull asked "What's wrong with him?" Bulk shrugged, and said "He needs to get his eyes checked".

At the Ernie's Jason was punching a punching bag while Zack was spotting him. Jason shouted "Man I wish I knew how to beat Tommy". Zack put his finger up to his mouth, and Jason lowered his voice. Jason said "I just hope we can find a way to break him out of that spell".

Zack nodded, and asked "Do you think we can do it". Jason shrugged "We've got to you saw what he did plus you heard what Alpha said". Zack nodded, and said "I think I just saw him walking down the hallway".

In the Hall Tommy was walking, and Kimberly went up to him. "Tommy" she whispered "Tommy I know what happened me, and our friends can help". But Tommy just gave a smug smile, and said "I'm a big boy Kimberly you don't have to worry about me".

Kimberly pleaded "Tommy please I know you're under a spell let me help you". But Tommy snapped "No you don't know soon me, and my Empress will rule over all you see, and you can abandon your dopey friends, and join the winning team or fall".

Kimberly ran off, and Jason showe up. Jason demanded "Man what's wrong with you?" Tommy just scoffed, and said "Nothing's wrong with me. I've never felt better". Jason pleaded "Tommy Rita's done something to you to make you this way".

Tommy scoffed, and said "No my Empress has shown me the way, and soon you and all the other Rangers will scream in agony just as I enforce the absolute rule of her law, and crush all that oppose us". Jason just gave Tommy as stern look.

Jason said "No me, and my friends will either turn you back, or defeat you if we have to." Tommy just shrugged, and said "No you won't", and shot a beam of green energy at Jason that covered him, and sent him out of the school.

Jason then appeared in what looked like a jail cell. But the Jail cell looked like it was floating endlessly in outer space, and it had gold bars, and strange statues of what looked like human heads with goat horns sticking out.

Jason asked "Where am I?". Then Goldar teleported in, and said "You're in Rita's dark dimension prison". Goldar explained "She has asked me to personally dispose of you in return for Eons of faithful service".

Jason went to his communicator, and said "Anybody, anybody" but it didn't work. Goldar gloated "That won't work but maybe this migh" He then held up Jason's Power Morpher which Jason just now realized he was missing.

Goldar teased "If you want it come, and get it". Jason punched Goldar a few times but it didn't phase him. Goldar then grabbed him by the neck, and said "Why don't you just give up you can defeat me no human has ever defeated the great Goldar.

Then Goldar threw Jason's Morpher on the ground, and then threw Jason himself on the ground. Then he made his sword appear, and said "I was just toying around with you but now it's time to finish you off".

Goldar swung his sword at Jason but Jason duck out of the way. Goldar tried to stab Jason but couldn't find him. Goldar called out "You're only delaying the inevitable". Then Jason got up behind Goldar, and jumped kicked him.

Jason said "So Goldar how does it feel to be outsmarted by a human being". Goldar whined "That's impossible no human has ever defeated me". "Well I'm going to change that" Jason cried out, and he kept punching, and kicking Goldar while Goldar kept trying to slash, and stab him.

At Ernie's Kimberly went up to Zack, and asked "Hey Zack have you seen Jason?" Zack shrugged, and said "No have you?". Kimberly answered "I saw go up to Tommy but I never saw him come back". Zack said "This is weird".

Kimberly nodded, and she and Zack were about to leave when she bumped into Tommy. Kimberly asked "Hey Tommy have you seen Jason? Did you do something to him?" But Tommy just gave a smug grin, and said "Why what's the matter. Let me guess you're worried about him".

Tommy then explained "I banished him to Rita's dark dimension, and he's never coming back". Then he corrected himself to say "Well not alive anyway" Then Tommy gave an evil laugh, and said "Later", and walked off. Kimberly said "We've got to follow him". Zack nodded, and they chased after him.

Kimberly, and Zack chased after Tommy, and called out "Tommy Tommy". While in her palace Rita was watching. She said menacingly "So Kimberly, and Zack are trying to mess with my Green Ranger". She smiled, and said "Well not on my watch".

Just then a swarm of Putties appeared in front of Zack, and Kimberly "Oh no Putties" Kimberly said. Zack said "Let's deal with them first, and then confront Tommy later". Kimberly nodded, and the two fought off the Putties.

Kimberly, and Zack jumped onto some park booths, and started kicking putties. Then they jumped back off, and started flipping them over as well. Eventually all the Putties were defeated, and Zack said "Come on we have to go the Command Center", and Kimberly nodded.

Zack, and Kimberly went to Billy's garage, and went to the RADBUG. Kimberly said "Hope you know what you're doing". Zack nodded, and said "Me too". Then they took off in the RADBUG. Zack noticed Kimberly feeling sad.

"Is it Tommy?" he asked. Kimberly answered it's like he's now a totally different person". Zack assured her "Don't worry we'll find a way to help him". Then he shrugged, and said "Maybe now Billy, and Alpha have fixed the Command Center".

Zack, and Kimberly arrived in the Command Center, and saw that Biiy, Trini, Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo were still fixing up the Command Center. Zack asked "Any luck finding Zordon?" Billy solemnly answered "Negative".

Zack then asked "How about Jason? He tried to talk to Tommy but then he disappeared". Alpha explained "We haven't heard from Jason all day". Zack was worried "Man first Zordon now Jason". He then cried out "Rita's going out of her way this time".

Just then a flicker came on Zordon's pillar, and Rangers called out "Zordon". The Rangers tried to make out what Zordon was saying but all they could make out was "Rangers… Tommy…. There's not much time" before breaking out completely.

Trini was crying "Zordon Zordon we need you". Zack said "Alpha, Billy try, keep trying, and see if you can bring him back". Billy complied "Affirmative". Alpha agreed "Understood". Then Zack turned his attention to Quagmire, and Nemo.

Zack asked "So how you feeling now Nemo". Nemo answered "I'm okay now but I still feel bad about what happened to Tommy". Quagmire assured his son "It's okay, and things have passed. Now we have to break what Rita cast".

Zack asked "I still don't get it". Billy agreed "Yeah until now we didn't know you had a son". Trini added, and why doesn't he rhyme like you". Quagmire explained "The explanation is that it skips a generation". Then Nemo explained "I was born sometime after the last great war with Rita". He then got sad, and said "That's also when my mother disappeared". The Rangers just nodded sadly.

Zack assured Nemo "Don't worry little dude we'll try to find a way to help Tommy", and just as he said it Tommy appeared on the Viewing Globe as The Green Ranger holding the sword from the cave. "It's Tommy" Kimberly cried out.

Zack said "we know what we have to do". The other Rangers agreed. Zack then said "Alpha you, Quagmire, and Nemo try to contact Zordon, and Jason". Alpha complied "Understood". Zack then said "All right guys it's morphing time". "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tigers".

The Rangers fires their laser guns at Tommy but they didn't phase him. Then they tried running at them but he sliced them with his sword. Then Tommy charged his sword with dark energy, and cried out "Now feel the true ultimate power of the Sword of Darkness".

Tommy stabbed the ground with his sword, and it sent out a dark energy wave that hit the other Rangers. The Rangers tried to fight off Tommy but he kicked Trini, and Kimberly, and slashed Billy, and Zack some more.

Zack said "There's only thing left to do". He went to his communicator, and asked "Alpha can you operate the Tyrannosaurus from your end while we summon our Zords?". Alpha answered "I can but for only a short time".

Zack answered "I think that's all we have anyway". Alpha complied "Sending Tyrannosaurus now" Kimberly called out "But Zordon said". But Zack interrupted "I know what Zordon said but Zoron's npt here right now, and it just might work".

Zack cried out "We need Dinozord power now". The Dinozords appeared, and the Rangers got in their cockpits. Zack "All right guys". Followed by "Billy here systems go", "Trini here let's kick it", and "Let's get it together".

The Dinozord's combined into the Dinosaur Tank, and fired lasers around Tommy. Then the Dinosaur Tank transformed into the Megazord, and fired more lasers at Tommy. Zack called out from the Megazord "Tommy surrender now, and we can help you".

But Tommy just shrugged, and bragged "No way", and fired a laser from the Sword of Darkness at the Megazord but the Mastodon shield just reflected the blast back at Tommy. Tommy got back up, and just gloated "You haven't seen the last of me". Then Tommy teleported away.

Rita was undaunted she simply shrugged, and said "If the Rangers think it will be that easy they're dreaming". She then bragged "I'll just call out my old friend Scorpina. Then somewhere in a dark forest a rock covered in scorpions appeared.

The Rock then teleported to Angel Grove where it rolled around for a bit before exploding into yellow light. The yellow light then solidified in the form of a woman in gold, and silver armor with a scorpion stinger for a ponytail carrying a strange sword.

While in the Dark Dimension Tommy teleported, and told Goldar "All right Goldar it's time for me to destroy the Red Ranger". Goldar complained "But I thought I had the honor of destroying him". Tommy bragged "Rita has given me that honor. She wants you back at the Palace". Goldar begrudgingly teleported off.

At the palace Goldar complained "Your highness why have you called me back I was just about to destroy the Red Ranger". Rita explained "Quit you bellyaching I've got something you might want to see".

Goldar looked in the telescope, and gasped in excitement. He cheerfully exclaimed "At last after 10,000,000 years my beloved Scorpina has returned". He then went to Rita, and cried out "Thank you your evilness now we shall destroy the Rangers in your honor". Rita cackled evily.

Back in the Dark Dimension Jason pleaded "I'm not going to fight you". Tommy bragged "Because you know I'll win". Jason corrected "No because I know the real Tommy is in there, and if you were truly a Ranger then you would be fighting on Zordon's side, and not Rita's".

Tommy came back with "She is my queen, and I am her Green Ranger". Jason pleaded "She's evil". But Tommy simply rebutted "Yeah, and so am I". Then the two of them proceeded to punch, and kick each other.

At the Command Center Zack was asking "Quagmire, Alpha any luck finding Jason or Zordon?" Quagmire sadly answered "Aye searching for our friends has only lead to dead ends". Just then a noise came from a console. Alpha cheered "I think I found him". Alpha then started pushing buttons on the console, and said "I just need to get a lock on his wrist communicator".

In the Dark Dimension Jason, and Tommy were still fighting when Jason saw his Power Morpher, and was about to reach for it when Tommy pinned him down, and summoned the Sword of Darkness, and was about to stab Jason with it.

Tommy smirked under his helmet, and bragged "To the destruction of the Power Rangers". But just as Tommy was about to stab Jason he was teleported out of the Dark Dimension. Tommy screamed "No how can this be".

Jason appeared in the Command Center, and everyone went around him. Jason got up, and said "Man am I glad to be back". Billy asked "What happened?", and Jason answered "Tommy, and Goldar almost sliced, and diced me".

Just then the alarms started blaring. The Rangers turned to the Viewing Globe, and saw Scorpina. "Whoa who's that?" Jason asked. Alpha panicked, and explained "That's Scorpina Goldar's wife, and one of Rita's most powerful warriors".

Zack just scoffed, and said "Man first Quagmire has a kid now Goldar's got a wife". Billy exclaimed "She's destroying the downtown warehouse district". Jason said "We've got to stop her". The other Rangers agreed".

The Rangers once again morphed, and Scorpina called out "Putties attack". The Rangers then started fighting off Scorpina, and the Putties. Scorpina threw her sword like a boomerang, and it hit Jason. Kimberly got him back up, and asked "Are you okay?" Jason said "Yeah".

Then Goldar appeared, and the Rangers continued fighting him, Scorpina, and the Putties. Eventually however they started to retreat, and Goldar bragged "Don't think you've won just yet Rangers". Scorpina added "Yeah Rita's got something that will trash that miserable Megazord of yours, and they teleported away.

At Rita's palace Tommy teleported in, and said "You wanted to see me your evilness". Rita happily explained "As all you know the Megazord runs on solar power, and I'm trying to find a way to cut off it's power".

Rita then explained "I just need you, Scorpina, and Goldar, and I'm sure we can do it". Then she further explained "And tomorrow is a once in a century solar eclipse" she added "We just need to draw the Rangers out when it's the right time"

Goldar cheered "That's brilliant my queen". Tommy agreed "Soon the Rangers will be nothing more than a memory". Rita grinned "I'm glad you like it" She then said "Soon my dark prince you shall become my evil king".

At the Command Center the Rangers, Alpha, and Quagmire were still trying to find Zordon. Jason exclaimed "Man we've been searching for hours, and still no trace of Zordon". Zack agreed "It's like he's ceased to exit".

Alpha assured them "We can't give up hope Rangers we almost found him once. I know we can do it". Then the pillar flickered some more, and some more distorted language came from it. "Rangers" "Must Help" "Before" "Too Late".

The message ended, and the Rangers, and everyone else just bowed their heads in disappointment. Zack said "Man we almost had him that time". Jason assured them "Alpha's right though we can't give up". Trini agreed "Were getting closer to finding him" Zack said "I just hope we do it sooner rather than later", and everyone agreed.

To be continued.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 8

Green with Evil Part 3

Written by Justin Best.

In the Command Center the Rangers were telling Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo about the previous battle. Jason asked "We don't know is it true what Goldar, and Scorpina said?" Zack agreed "Yeah can they really destroy the Megazord?".

Alpha bowed his head, and sadly said "I'm afraid so Rangers". He explained "Later today is a once in a century solar eclipse". He continued "When that happens the Megazord will be cut off from the source of it's power, and will be vulnerable"

Trini, and Kimberly gasped "Oh no". Billy asked "How long will the eclipse last?" Alpha answered "About 8 minutes however the Megazord's backup power can only last 3-5 minutes without sunlight". Zack said "So we just either have to wait until the eclipse is over to summon the Megazord or get it over quick".

In the Dark Dimension Tommy as the Green Ranger was practicing with the Sword of Darkness while he could hear Rita's voice call out "Are ready for your next battle Green Ranger?" Tommy cheered "Yes my queen I will crush the Power Rangers".

Rita called out "Good". In her palace she called out to her other minions "So you guys understand plan right?". Scorpina explained "I will go down with some Putties, and attack the city to lure the Rangers out".

Goldar explained "Then I will destroy the city to force the Rangers to summon the Megazord, Then when the solar eclipse happens me, Scorpina, and the Green Ranger will destroy the Megazord". Rita nodded "Good".

At the Command Center the alarm started going off, and the Rangers saw Scorpina, and some Putties once again rampaging Angel Grove. Zack said "It's Scorpina she's destroying the City again" Billy said "It might be another trap".

Jason said "We ain't got a choice". Alpha warned "Remember Rangers wait until the eclipse is over to summon the Megazord or only summon it if you really need to". The Rangers nodded, and Jason called out "It's morphin time".

The Rangers then proceeded to punch, and kick the Putties, then Scorpina came, and started slashing the Rangers with her sword. Then Scorpina charged her sword with dark energy, and threw it like a boomerang at the Rangers.

Meanwhile in her palace Rita bragged "Now for the next stage of my plan". Then she threw her scepter, and shouted "Magic wand make my Goldar grow", and Goldar grew into a giant, and started shooting lasers from his eyes at the buildings in Angel Grove.

Jason called out "Oh no it's Goldar". Kimberly asked "What do we do?" Zack added "Yeah we can't summon the Megazord until after the eclipse but we can't let Goldar destroy the city". Jason begrudgingly admitted "I don't know"

Goldar then proceed to rampage through Angel Grove bragging "What's wrong Rangers? Oh yeah I remember it's the eclipse today you can't summon you Megazord". Then Goldar started laughing manically.

At Ernie's the building was shaking due to Goldar's rampage, and Ernie was trying to get everyone out as fast as possible saying "All right everyone let's get out before the building collapses". Then Ernie, and everyone got out of the building as fast as they could.

However Bulk, and Skull were still sitting down eating ice cream. Skull finally noticed the destruction, and said "Hey Bulk maybe we should get out of here", and tried to get up but Bulk pulled him back down, and said "Not until I'm finished with my sundae".

Then a support beam fell next to where Bulk, and Skull were eating, and Bulk quickly finished his ice cream, and said "Okay I'm finished let's go", and the two got out of Ernies as fast as they could. Bulk noticed the Youth Center bus, and he had an idea.

"That's it" he shouted. Skull asked "What's it?". Bulk explained "The Youth Center bus it's the fastest way out of here" Skull agreed "Oh yeah right", and the two got in the bus, and drove off. Bulk demanded "Hurry numskull we don't want that gold guy to get us".

Skull asked "Hey Bulk where are we going?". Bulk answered "As far away as we can go". But then Goldar saw them, and picked up the bus. Jason called out "No leave them alone they're civilians" Goldar just laughed.

"I know that in fact I think they're friends of yours. I think you call them Bulk, and Skull". Kimberly cried out "Oh no now he's got Bulk, and Skull". Billy added "And he's headed for the beach". Jason cried out "We've got to stop them".

The Rangers teleported to the beach, and saw the bus dangling on cliff while Squatt, Babboo, and some Putties were trying to push it off. Rita then teleported in, and said "well well Rangers you seem to caught between a rock, and a hard place".

Trini gasped "Oh no Bulk, and Skull". Rita then bragged "Well it looks like you have two choices rangers summon the Megazord or let your friends go splat. What will it be Rangers?". While on the bus Bulk was whining "Well Skull I guess we're history".

Skull replied "You mean famous". Bulk retorted "No I mean dead", and the two screamed. Zack cried out "What do we do?" Jason said "There's only one thing we can do. We need Dinozord power now", and one by one the Ranger's Zord's appeared, and formed the Megazord to Rita's delight.

Goldar then started slashing, and stabbing the Megazord, and the Megazord started punching it back. All the while the sun started going out. Then Rita turned to Scorpina, and ordered "Get them", and Scorpina replied "With pleasure", and jumped down.

Then Rita threw her scepter, and cried out "Magic wand make Scorpina grow". Then Scorpina not only grew into a giant but she mutated completely into some humanoid scorpion creature. Then Scorpina helped her husband in slashing, and and stabbing the Megazord as the sunlight kept depleting.

Then the Megazord fell down, and the sun had finally completely eclipsed. Billy cried out "Sun's out we've only got five minutes of reserve power". Zack asked "What do we do?" Jason ordered "Let's summon the Power Sword.

The Megazord then summoned the Power Sword, and started slashing, and stabbing Scorpina, and Goldar who in turn kept slashing, and stabbing the Megazord. While at the Command Center Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo were still looking for Zordon.

"Aye ye ye" Alpha cried out. Quagmire tried to assure Alpha "Don't despair my friend We'll find Zordon by this day's end". Then they saw another flicker of Zordon who said "Alpha…Q4". Then Alpha shot out in excitement "Of course Q4".

Alpha hit the button on the console. Then Zordon kept sending Alpha scambled messages that slowly but surely got more coherent as Alpha kept pressing buttons. Nemo cried out "You're doing it Alpha". Alpha agreed "Just a little more, and we've found Zordon".

But just then Tommy teleported, and bragged "Not on my watch". Nemo cried out "It's Tommy" but it was too late. Tommy unplugged Alpha, and punched Quagmire in the stomach. Nemo cried out "Tommy stop it".

Zordon then tried to reason with Tommy "Tommy let us help you. Rita is leading you down a dark path". Tommy rebutted with "No she has shown me the light, and soon I shall take my rightful place as her king".

Then Tommy bragged "But first things first I'm going to banish you to another dimension were your pathetic Rangers will never find you". Tommy was about to once again trash the Command Center when it turned out Alpha, and Quagmire were playing possum, and got back up.

Tommy whined "No how can this be?". Quagmire merely quipped "You though that you had won. But instead it's you who are done". Alpha then pressed a button on the console trapping Tommy in some electrical barrier.

"What is this?" Tommy cried. Alpha explained "An anti dark magic barrier". Alpha explained "Now I will run a scan to find a way to destroy your evil powers". Tommy whined "No I will not let you do that". Nemo cried out "Hurry Alpha".

Back at the battle the Megazord was finally getting an upper hand on Goldar, and Scorpina. Zack cried out "The eclipse is almost over". Billy added "And we still have 2 minutes of power left". Jason said "Hurry let's deactivate the Megazord at least until the eclipse is over".

But Rita snarked "Don't think it will be easy Rangers". Then she cried out "Green Ranger I summon you now". In the Command Center Tommy was teleported out by Rita. Alpha cried out "Oh no". Then Tommy appeared giant sized in front of the Megazord.

Zack cried out "Great now we've gotta deal with Tommy". Tommy then proceeded to slash, and stab the Megazord with the Sword of Darkness. Then Scorpina wrapped her stinger around the Megazord's neck, and electrocuted it.

Then Goldar, slashed, and stabbed the Megazord, and then Goldar, and Tommy crossed their swords together, and fired a laser at the Megazord seemingly destroying it. A crack opened up in the Earth, and the Megazord plummeted.

The Rangers could do nothing but cry as the Megazord separated back into the Dinozords as they sank into the lava. Zack cried out "It's like Rita destroyed a part of us". Then Trini cried out "They were always there for us when we needed them, and now they're gone".

Later at the Command Center Jason was trying to rally his friends. He said "Guys we can't give up". Zack protested "You don't get it Tommy was Rita's trump card she played she won". But Alpha argued "Jason's right if Zordon was still here he'd agree".

Trini protested "But Zordon's not here just when we need him the most". Billy agreed "There's only a %10 chance of contacting Zordon. Quagmire tried to assure The Rangers "Rangers they say a night is always darkest before the light".

Jason agreed "Isn't the smallest chance a reason alone to keep fighting". Then there was a blip on the console, and Alpha cheered "Aye ye ye it worked" Kimberly asked "What did?" Alpha explained "Earlier Tommy tried to destroy the Command Center again".

He continued "However I was able to trap him in an energy barrier, and I tried to run a scan for a way to destroy his powers". Billy asked "What did you find?". Alpha explained "All this time Zordon, Quagmire, and I believed that the Power Coin, and the Morpher were the source of Rita's spell".

Then he pointed to the Viewing Globe, and showed an image of Tommy as the Green Ranger, and had a red square highlight the Sword of Darknes, and explained "But the stronget sources of dark magic were coming from this sword". Zack cried out "No way".

To be concluded.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 9

Green with Evil part 4

Written by Justin Best.

The Rangers were reacting to the news Alpha had told them. Kimberly said "No way you're saying that all this time that sword was what was controlling Tommy?". Alpha replied "The computers says that the Sword of Darkness is the most likely source of Rita's spell".

Zack was incredulous he said "But the computer has acting buggy how do know it's right?". Billy replied "Not necessarily Alpha, and Quagmire corrected the malfunction". Zack then said "So we've got to destroy that sword to free Tommy".

Trini was shocked "I can't believe all this time that sword was what was making Tommy evil". Jason then said "You see guys this is why we can't give up we've got to save Tommy". Nemo then warned "I hope you can do it fast because it's only a matter of time before he summons the Dragonzord", and everyone nodded.

At her palace Rita, and her minion were having a party to celebrate the seeming defeat of the Power Rangers. Goldar cheered "To Rita Repulsa empress of all that is evil, and soon queen of the entire universe".

Rita then gloated "Why thank but you know I really couldn't have done it without my evil Green Ranger". Then Tommy teleported in, and Rita exclaimed "And there he is". Tommy asked "Is there anything else you want my queen?".

Rita then said "Why yes I want to give a special present that will help put the final touches on my glorious plan". She then gave Tommy the Dragon Dagger, and ordered "Go take the Dragon Dagger down to Earth, and summon the Dragonzord to destroy it". Tommy answered "It shall be done my queen".

Later at Ernie's Kimberly appeared just as Ernie, Bulk, Skull, and some other patrons were watching a news report about the Rangers' defeat. Ernie said "Man I hope that's not true I hope the Power Rangers aren't gone for good".

Bulk then interrupted to say "Hey what about us? We were the one's who helped scare off that gold guy". Skull agreed "Yeah it should be us on tv". Bulk then daydreamed, and thought "Yeah maybe we should".

Kimberly then interrupted to say "Dream on Bulk". Then she turned to Ernie, and asked "Hey Ernie have you seen Tommy?". Ernie answered "The new kid yeah he's over there" as he pointed to Tommy on an exercise machine.

Kimberly said "Thanks Ernie", and went to Tommy. Kimberly pleaded "Tommy we know about the Sword of Darkness let us help you". Tommy argued "No you don't know Rita has given me the Dragon Dagger, and with it I'll destroy you, and the other Rangers before you have the chance to destroy my precious Sword of Darkness".

Then Tommy got off the machine, and left Ernie's. Kimberly then went over to Billy's house, and met with the other Rangers, and explained what happened. Kimberly then said "I'm telling you guys he said Rita gave him the Dragon Dagger already".

Jason said "So it's only a matter of time before Rita orders him to use the Dragonzord to destroy the city" Billy said "And without our Zords there's no way to stop him". Jason then said "Hopefully Alpha, and Quagmire found Zordon before then".

Meanwhile at the Angel Grove docks Tommy appeared as the Green Ranger, and played the Dragon Dagger as a flute. When that happened the ocean started churning, and from it rose the mighty Dragonzord after 10,000,000 years.

Rita then appeared, and ordered "Now go Green Ranger, Destroy Angel Grove". Tommy complied "Yes my Queen", and jumped into the Dragonzord's cockpit. Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo were watching at the Command Center. Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye".

The Rangers communicators started beeping as Alpha explained "Rangers Green Ranger has already summoned the Dragonzord hurry to the warehouse district by the docks right away". Jason agreed "Okay you guys let's do this". They all called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger". "Tyrannosaurs".

The Rangers teleported down to the Angel Grove warehouse district just as the Dragonzord was rampaging it. The Dragonzord started picking up smoke stack, and ate them like candy canes. The Dragonzord also stomped on buildings, and fired missiles everywhere.

Jason called out "Tommy stop it you don't know what you're doing" Tommy rebutted "I'm destroying you, and I'm doing it because my empress commands me". Then he blew into the Dragon Dagger, and ordered it to keep destroying Angel Grove.

Billy cried out "He's gonna destroy the city if we don't stop him". Kimberly asked "What do we do?" Jason bemoaned "If only Zordon, and our Zords were still here". Zack cried "There's gotta be something we can do".

At the Command Center Alpha was desperately pushing buttons. Alpha panicked "Oooh what was it again?". Then he pushed some buttons, and said "Let's see sector 104 Q9". Then he pushed the buttons, and there was a blip.

Alpha was excited "Yes acces granted". Then Alpha pushed some more buttons, and the image of Zordon once again appeared, and Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo cheered. Nemo exclaimed "You did it Alpha you found Zordon".

Alpha then explained everything to Zordon. Zordon then said "So the Sword of Darkness is the source of Rita's spell." Zordon then said "Activate the Geoseismic Modulator, and I will teleport the Rangers to their Zords". Alpha complied "Understood".

At the Warehouse district the Rangers' Power Coins started glowing. Jason said "Hey my Power Coins glowing". The other Rangers said things "So is mine", and "Mine too". Then they heard Zordon's voice say "Rangers Alpha, and I are restoring your Zords".

Then Zordon said "Hurry teleport to them right now there's a chance we can still help him". Then the Rangers teleported to where their Zords were buried, and an explosion occurred, and all the Dinozords erupted from it.

Jason got into the Tyrannosaurus, and said "Rangers log on". Followed by "Mastodon here online". "Triceratops all systems go", "Saber Tooth Tiger ready to rock", "Pterodactyl looking good". Alpha was watching, and said "Of course how could I forget the Zords can be powered by geothermal power as well as solar power".

Then the Tyrannosaurus Zord, and the Dragonzord started punching, kicking, and tail whipping each other. Jason called out "Tommy you don't know what you're doing". But the Dragonzord kept attacking the Tyrannosaurus.

Jason called out "Guy's I'm in trouble. We need Megazord Power". Then the Zords combined into the Megazord which then started punching, kicking, and slashing the Dragonzord. But the Dragonzord just punched, kicked, and tail whipped the Megazord.

The Megazord then picked up the Dragonzord by it's tail, and threw it into a mountain reducing the mountain to rubble. Jason called out "Tommy surrender now we can help you" but Tommy rebutted "No way".

Jason called out "I'm sorry we have to do this Tommy but Zordon says we have to stop you before you, and Rita destroy the world". Then Tommy jumped out of his Dragonzord, and Jason got out of the Tyrannosaurus.

Tommy put the Dragon Dagger, and the Sword of Darkness together, and fired a laser at Jason. Then the two of them started clashing their weapons, and stabbed, and slashed each other. Jason brought out his blade blaster, and started firing at Tommy.

But Tommy started playing his Dragon Dagger, and a force field came from his Dragon Shield, and reflected Jason's lasers back at him. But Jason was undaunted, kept slashing at Tommy. Then he charged his sword with red energy, and fired it at Tommy knocking, the Dragon Dagger, and the Sword of Darkness from his hands.

The other Rangers jumped out of the Megazord, and Jason called out "Okay guys now's our chance". They all called out "Power Axe", "Power Bow", "Power Lance", "Power Daggers", and "Power Sword", and assembled the Power Blaster.

The Rangers shouted out "Fire", and the Power Blaster shot out a lasers at the Sword of Darkness completely disintegrating it. Tommy clutched his helmet, and once again cried out in pain as once again purple electricity surged through him.

Only this time the Purple electricity concentrated into a single ball, and left Tommy before completely dissipating away. Zack cheered "Yeah the Sword of Darkness is destroyed Rita's spell is broken". Tommy got back up, and "Oh man what happened?"

Tommy explained "I don't know how to explain it. It's like I wanted to do that stuff but at the time same time it was like somebody took me out, and put someone else in". Jason assured him "Tommy what you did was because of Rita's influence".

Tommy was still sorry "After all the things I have done what can I do now?" he asked. Jason replied "If you really want to help you can start by helping us fight Rita". He further explained "With you by our side there's no way Rita can stop us".

Then Tommy's Dragon Dagger started glowing, and it went back to him as Zordon's voice called out "Jason is right Tommy a new Ranger means new powers, and together you can now use them to defeat Rita, and her monsters".

While at her Palace Rita was furious she yelled "Those stupid Rangers they ruined antother one of my brilliant plans". Goldar assured her "My queen Scorpina, and I will go down to Earth, and avenge you". Rita then ordered "Then do it".

Goldar, and Scorpina teleported down to Earth, and Rita threw her scepter, and called out "Magic wand make my monsters grow". Then Goldar, and Scorpina once again turned into giants, and Scorpina once again mutated into her monster form.

Zack cried out "It's Goldar". Followed by Billy with "And Scorpina". Tommy exclaimed "Leave it to me guys this is one wrong I just got to make right". Tommy once again blew into the Dragon Dagger, and reactivated the Dragonzord, and once again jumped into it's cockpit.

Goldar, and Scorpina tried to slash, and stab the Dragonzord with their swords while the Dragonzord fought back with missles,, and tail whips. Zordon called out "Rangers call forth the Dragon Battlezord". Tommy complied "Right".

Zack agreed "Let's do this guys". Then Tommy, Billy, Trini, and Zack all cried out "Dragon Battlezord power now". Then the Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger Zords, and became the Dragon Battlezord".

Goldar cried out "Oh no it's the Dragon Battlezord". Followed by Scorpina with "Let's get out of here". Then the two monsters teleported back to Rita's Palace where Rita once again screamed "Ahh how can this be. Why am I surrounded by such incompetent morons".

Later at the Command Center Tommy still wanted to apologize to everyone else. "Hey Nemo I just want to say I'm sorry for what I did especially to you in that cave if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even be the Green Ranger".

Then he turned to Alpha, Zordon, and Quagmire, and said "And that goes double for you guys I guess when Nemo told me about the Green Ranger powers I was so excited about being a Ranger that I didn't think about any downsides".

Quagmire assured Tommy "Aye now that you're free from Rita's spell. Things I feel will turn out well". Zordon agreed "We are witnessing history in the making. For the first time in 10,000,000 years the Green Ranger has become one of us".

Nemo then explained "Thanks you guys but me, and dad have to go back to the magical forest". And with that Quagmire, and Nemo teleported away. Then Zordon explained "Tommy now that you are a true Power Ranger you must remember three basic rules or lose the protection of the power".

Zordon once again explained "First never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you to. Second never use your power for personal gain, and finally keep your identity a secret no one may know that you are a Power Ranger".

Tommy agreed "You can count on me". Jason patted Tommy on his shoulder, and said proudly "You're one of us now". Then Billy gave Tommy a green communicator, and said "Here Alpha, and I made this for you". Tommy humbly accepted it, and said "Hey thanks Billy". Then Tommy, and The Rest of the Rangers put their hands together as they all jumped in the air, and once again shouted "Power Rangers"

The end.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 10

Rangers in the Outfield

Written by Justin Best.

It was sports, and fitness day at Angel Grove high, and all the boys were on the field playing Baseball. It was Billy's turn at the bat. Bulk was taunting "Hey dweebo try to hit my special deluxe fast ball". Zack tried to assure him "Don't listen to him Billy you can do it".

Then Bulk threw the ball, and Billy tried to hit it but missed. Jason tried to assure him "Come on Billy you'll get the next one". Then Bulk threw some more balls but Billy missed them too. Tommy tried to assure him "Don't worry about it maybe you'll get this part".

Later it was Billy's turn to throw the ball. Billy tried to throw the ball but Bulk, and Skull hit it every time. Then they tried to give Billy a catcher position but Billy couldn't catch the ball either. After the game Billy was frustrated.

"I don't get it guys I did everything I could but it seems like nothing works". Jason tried to assure him "Come on Billy it's not that bad". Zack agreed "Yeah maybe Baseball's just not your thing maybe there's something else you're good at".

Meanwhile the girls were in the gym practicing Gymnaistics, and Trini was on the balance beam. Kimberly cheered "Come on Trini you can do it". Trini tried to do a move but fell off. Kimberly ran over, and helped her up, and asked Trini are you okay?".

Trini replied "Yeah I'm okay I'm just not sure I'm good at this." But Kimberly tried to assure her "Come on let's try something else". Then the girls tried cartwheels but when Trini tried she kept falling over. Trini was starting to get frustrated "Man I can't get anything right ".

Kimberly tried to assure her "Come maybe there's something else you're good at" Trini agreed "I guess you're right". Kimberly then said "Oh shoot we have to meet the guys over at the field", and the girls left the gym.

The girls then met with the boys, and Kimberly asked "So how was baseball practice?". Billy answered "It was okay everyone else did great but I stunk". Jason asked "So how was gymnastics?". Trini answered "Everyone else was good but I messed up at everything".

Jason assured both of them "Don't worry guys there's gotta be something you guys could do". While this was happening Bulk, and Skull where still practicing when Bulk taunted "Come on lamebrain hit the ball".

Tommy said "Hey guys practice is over". But Bulk rebutted "Maybe for you pencil necks but me, and Skull are still perfecting my special deluxe fast ball". Skull parroted "Yeah special deluxe fast ball". Then they went back.

Skull then hit the ball, and it flew out of control towards to Billy, and Trini. Luckily however not only was Trini able to catch the ball but Billy was able jump out of the way, and did an accidental backflip. Trini asked "Are you okay Billy.

Billy replied "I think so". Just then Mr. Caplan, and Mrs. Applebee appeared. Mr Caplan said "Young lady you've got quite the arm on you". Mrs. Apple also said "And I never saw a backflip like yours young man".

Mr. Caplan had an idea "Hey Ms. Kwan how would you like to try out for the Baseball team?". Followed by Mrs. Applebee with "And how would you like to try out for the Gymnastics team Mr. Cranston?". Billy, and Trini thought hard about it.

Billy eventually said "I suppose that would be a perfect physical challenge for me". Trini agreed "And I'd probably do better at Baseball too". Mr. Caplan was thrilled "All right then see you on the field tomorrow Ms. Kwan".

Mrs. Applebee followed "And see you in the gymnasium Mr. Cranston". Billy answered "Affirmative". Followed by Trini with "You can count on me". Then Mr. Caplan, and Mrs. Applebee left, and Zack said "See it turned out okay after all".

Bulk protested "No way am I letting a girl on my team". Skull paroted "Yeah me neither". Tommy tried to assure her "Don't listen to them Trini". Zack agreed "Yeah we know you can do it". Trini said "Thanks you guys", and they all left.

At her Palace Rita was watching the Rangers, and was trying to come up with a plan to destroy them. "So Trini's trying out for the Baseball team it seems. Well I'll just have to find a way to make her, and those other Rangers strike out".

Then she saw Goldar, and Scorpina embracing each other tenderly. Goldar said "Oh my beloved Scorpina I was worried I lost you 10,000,000 years ago". Scorpina agreed "I thought the same about you but I'm glad we're together again".

Rita was furious "Bahh love I hate love unless it's loving me". Then Rita had an idea. She said "Oh Finster". Finster asked "What is it my queen?" Rita answered "I want to make a monster". She explained "A baseball monster that makes anyone fall in love who ever or whatever they see".

Finster stroked his beard, and said "You know my queen I think I have just the monster Babe Ruthless". Finster explained "He can throw curveballs that make anyone fall for the first person or object they see, and even better his horn shoots a gas that makes anyone fall in love with you my queen".

Rita was delighted "Yes that's perfect I want one right now" she ordered. Finster complied "Coming right up" as he put a model of monster with wings on it's head, and an oversized hand into the Monster Matic.

The Monster Matic roared to life as it exploded, and from the explosion came a furry mammal like monster dressed as a Baseball player wearing a winged helmet with a golden horn. The Monster said "Babe Ruthless is here I'm gonna make those Rangers strike out".

At the Angel Grove high field the baseball team was holding tryouts. Mr. Caplan was calling names when he said "And next up Trini Kwan". Trini went up to bat as Bulk taunted "All right I'll show you my world famous super deluxe fast ball".

Bulk threw the ball, and Trini hit it all the way out into the field. Bulk scoffed "Beginners luck" but later every time Trini played she hit the ball every time. Then it was throwing practice. Bulk was still bragging "Okay try to strike me out".

Trini threw the ball, and it flew right passed Bulk's bat. Bulk scoffed "Well you got two more left". But Trini threw another ball, and Bulk missed that as well, and he was starting to get angry. He said "Okay one more but I'll get this one you see". But Trini once again threw the ball passed Bulk's bat.

Bulk just threw his bat down, and said in defeat "That's it I quit". Skull parroted "Yeah me too". Then the two of them walked off. Jason, Tommy, and Zack went up to Trini. Jason said "That was amazing". Tommy agreed "You were better than half the guys on the team".

Zack agreed "The team? Man she was better than Jose Canseco". Trini said "Thanks you guys I just hope Mr. Caplan was impressed". Jason said "With moves like that I'm sure he'll be". Tommy agreed "Yeah just believe in yourself".

Trini said "Thanks you guys. Come on let's check on Billy, and Kimberly". Then the four of them headed to the gym where Billy was doing some moves on the balance beam. Kimberly was cheering "Come on Billy you can do it". Billy performed the moves perfectly, and afterwards the others showed up. Zack said "Looking good my man". Billy replied "Thanks I think this is working out quite well for me".

Meanwhile somewhere in Angel Grove Squat, Goldar, and Babe Ruthless teleported down. Goldar asked "All right you know what you're doing?" Babe Ruthless bragged "Watch me then he made a pink energy ball appear in his hands.

Then he got ready to throw the ball as he said "Here's the windup". Then he threw it as he said "And the pitch". Then the ball flew into a little boy's mouth, and he immediately fell in love with a nearby girl. Then he threw some more balls quipping "Strike two Strike three".

Then a whole bunch of boys started chasing the girl as she was she was screaming "No no get away". Goldar, Squatt, and Babe Ruthless were laughing hysterically. Then Babe Ruthless bragged "Now to show you my fastball".

Then Babe Ruthless threw another ball into a girl's mouth, and she ran over to an airplane, and said ecstatically "Oh I love you plane". Soon Babe Ruthless slowly but surely put almost everyone in Angel Grove under his love spell.

Back at Angel Grove high the Rangers were walking by the Baseball field. Billy asked "So did you make the Baseball team Trini?" Trini answered "I don't know yet but I hope". Kimberly assured her "Don't worry Trini I'm sure you do".

Tommy agreed "You did better than Bulk, and Skull". Trini agreed "Yeah I guess you guys are right". But then a swarm of Putties appeared. Tommy shouted "Oh no Putties". Zack said "Let's get them". Billy, and Kimberly did some front flips, and they both started kicking putties.

Tommy, Jason, Zack, and Trini started punching, and kicking Putties. Tommy also picked up a Baseball bat, and started using it like a sword against the putties. Eventually everyone destroyed the Putties but then Jason's communicator started beeping.

Jason asked "What is it Zordon?" Zordon explained "Rita has sent the Baseball monster Babe Ruthless to put everyone in Angel Grove under a love spell". Jason agreed "We're on it" then he said "It's Morphin time".

Everyone called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus". Then they all teleported to where Babe Ruthless was. Babe Ruthless laughed, and bragged "Ready to strike out Rangers?"

Jason quipped "You're the one that's gonna strike out" Then the Rangers started punching, and kicking Babe Ruthless who just kept swatting them". Babe Ruthless bragged "What's the matter Rangers out after one strike"

Then Babe Ruthless quipped "Maybe you outta make a transfer to Rita's team". Then Babe Ruthless sprayed pink gas from his horn at the Rangers. Everyone was able to get out of the way except Billy, and Trini.

Kimberly ran over to where they were, and asked "Billy Trini are you guys okay". Billy, and Trini looked at Kimberly, and they immediately fell in love with her. Billy said "Oh Kimberly did I ever tell you how beautiful you are".

Trini snapped "Back off Billy she's mine". Billy retorted "Says Who?". Then Billy, and Trini started pushing each other, and Kimberly tried to reason with them "Guys stop fighting". Zack explained "That monster must have put the love spell on them". Jason replied "Let's get back to the Command Center".

At the Command Center everyone was unmorphed, and Billy, and Trini were inside an electronic force field. Billy exclaimed "Kimberly let me out I'll score a triple 10 at the next Gymnastics meet for you". Trini bragged "I'll score a home run at every game for you".

Jason asked "What's wrong Zordon?" Zack agreed "Yeah is there any way to make Billy, and Trini normal again?". Zordon explained "Yes however the only way to do that is to destroy his horn". Jason said "Well if that's the only way to do it then let's do it Back to action".

Then the Rangers once again Morphed, and went back to where Babe Ruthless was. Babe Ruthless bragged "So Rangers back for the next round I see well get ready for my curveball". Then Babe Ruthless made a volley of energy balls appear that blew up around the Rangers".

Jason called out "All right guys let's give this guy a strike out". The other Rangers agreed "Right" then everyone pulled out their weapons, and started slashing, and stabbing Babe Ruthless. Then Kimberly readied her bow, and quipped "How do like this fastball".

Then Kimberly fired an arrow at Babe Ruthless that struck his horn, and broke it. Babe Ruthless started screaming "Oh no my horn". Then everyone who was under his love spell started returning to normal including Billy, and Trini.

Billy, and Trini started rubbing their heads, and Trini asked "What happened Zordon?". Zordon explained "Babe Ruthless had you under his love spell but the other Rangers were able to free. However they still need help defeating him".

Billy agreed "Back to action". Then Billy, and Trini once again Morphed, and went back to where the other Rangers were. Jason said "Billy, Trini you guy's okay now?" Trini said "Yeah", and Billy agreed "Affirmative".

But at her palace Rita bragged "Don't be so sure of yourselves Rangers. Our team only has one Strike". Then she ordered "Goldar, Scorpina get down to Earth at once". Goldar, and Scorpina agreed. Then Rita threw her scepter, and called out "Magic wand make my monsters grow".

Jason called out "You guys I'll take care of Goldar, and Scorpina you guys take care of Babe Ruthless". The other Rangers agreed, and they all called out "We need Dinozord Power now". Then one by one all the Dinozords except the Dragonzord appeared.

Trini fired lasers at Babe Ruthless but Babe Ruthless just quipped "How about my curve ball" then he fired a volley of lasers at the Dinozords. Zack cried out "Oh man this guy's really playing dirty". Billy said "There's gotta be some way to beat him"

Trini asked "How are you doing Jason?" Then Scorpina wrapped her tail around the Tyrannosaurus' neck while Goldar slashed it. Jason called out "Man I'm getting creamed over here". Tommy cried out "It's my turn time for some Dragonzord power".

Then Tommy used the Dragon dagger to summon the Dragonzord, and jumped into it's cockpit. Then the Dragonzord fired missiles at Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless. Tommy then cried out "Okay guys let's summon the Dragon Battlezord".

Zack agreed "All Right" followed by Billy, and Trini with "Affirmative", and "Let's do it". Then the Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger Zords to become the Dragon Battlezord.

The Tyrannosaurus then punched, kicked, and tail whipped Babe Ruthless while the Dragon Battlezord punched Goldar, and Scorpina who in turn tried to slash, and stab the Dragon Battlezord. Then Babe Ruthless jump attacked the Tyrannosaurus.

Then Goldar, and Scorpina brought their swords together, and fired a laser at the Tyrannosaurus, and the Dragon Battlezord. Then Babe Ruthless tried to fire his pink gas at the Dragon Battlezord. Tommy cried out "Quick we need the Dragon Drill".

Then the Dragon Drill appeared, and blew away the gas. Then Babe Ruthless made a giant red ball appear, and qupped "Time for the third strike", and threw the ball. But Jason retorted "Not today", and the Tyrannosaurus tail whipped the ball, and it hit Babe Ruthless.

Jason then called out "Okay guys it's the bottom of the ninth, and we need a home run". Tommy, Zack, Billy, and Trini agreed "Right Dragon Drill now". Then the Dragon Drill charged, and Babe Ruthless ran towards it but the Dragon Drill pierced Babe Ruthless, and he fell down, and exploded.

At her palace Rita once again kicked her globe, and screamed "I've had it with all of you. I have these great plans, and you muckheads wreck every last one". Goldar tried to pass the blame by saying "If it wasn't for Finster's monster we would have had them".

Later at the Baseball field Mr. Caplan was reading the names of everyone who had made the Baseball team. Mr. Caplan called out "Next up Jason Lee Scott" every cheered Jason, and he went up with the rest of the team.

"Next Zack Taylor" everyone cheered Zack as he took his place next to Jason. "Next Tommy Oliver" then everyone cheered Tommy as he took his place next to Jason, and Zack. Then Mr. Caplan called one final name.

"And finally Trini Kwan" everyone then cheered as Trini took her place next to the others. Bulk cried out "What about us?" Skull parroted "Yeah what about us?" Mr. Caplan explained "Sorry boys. In fact I can say without a shadow of a doubt you were the worst players to try out for the team". Bulk, and Skull walked off as Bulk whined "There's always Basketball season". Then everyone laughed.

The End.

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