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Does Beast Morphers remind you of RPM?
Does it remind you of RPM?
(04-16-2019, 09:56 PM)PRangerX Wrote: Does it remind you of RPM?

In some ways, yes it does.

I mean we have Evox a computer virus and RPM had Venjix.
We started out with 3 Rangers - all the same Ranger color and gender.
The Beast-X Megazord is similar to the High Octane Megazord

Venjix had his own Palace though and either he or his Generals made his monsters whereas with Beast Morphers, Evox and his Generals are in another dimension and while he can't create any of his own monsters, his Generals can.
It does but it also reminds me a bit of other seasons like SPD, and Time Force.

I do like how they made it similar to RPM without just making it a redo of RPM.

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